Problem Using the Freshdesk Widget with Rails, Javascript, and Turbolinks

  • 6 April 2021
  • 1 reply


Hey guys!
I am using FreshDesk widget and im facing a big problem when performing cached visit.  The widget is  not beeing deleted when the caching operation executes. So what I get is a cached page with an initialized widget, that breaks the widget and It can't re-initiate it.
If I manually destroy it in console, then everything is fine.

The question is - how can I make sure that once I make a visit, the widget is destroyed BEFORE the current page is cached?

1 reply

Hi Belmare, 

Thanks for bringing this up. This shouldn't be the case. When you open the help widget and get the answers and when you revisit the page again, the widget will load from the scratch. Could you please email us with the screenshots and your Freshdesk account URL to so that we can have this checked? 


Looking forward.