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  • 20 March 2013
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RoadAhead is a roadmap FreshTheme that displays feature requests in a neat single screen layout. End users can now easily track the status of the requested features with colored labels - Planned, In Progress, Implemented etc

The whole theme is actually just a single page, making it very easy to manage by itself, or incorporate as your product roadmap, as part of another FreshTheme. 

Please check out a live preview of RoadAhead here .


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Here are some instructions to install this theme for a particular forum in your support portal.

Step 1: Find the forum id for all the forums. The forum id is the number found in the URL when you click on a forum

Step 2: Go to Portal Customization->Layout & pages->Portal pages->Topic list and assign the forum ids to a variable 

For example.

{% assign forum1 = 131927 %}

{% assign forum2  = 210408 %}

{% assign forum3 = 290448 %}

{% assign forum4 = 290511 %}

Step 3: If you want to remove filters like recent, popular, etc for this forum type add the code below

{% if ( !=  forum3) %}

    <div class="{% if ( == forum1) and ( == forum2) %} gallery-filters {% endif %}">

    {{ forum | default_topic_filters }}


  {% endif %} 

Step 4: Create an if condition for the forum you want to customise


Ex: {% if ( == roadmap_forum_id) %}

 Create a custom topic list for this forum type

{% else %}

 The normal topic list code

{% endif %}

Step5: Apply styles to that page


{% if ( == roadmap_forum_id) %}


apply styles here


{% endif %}

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Hey Andrew,

I'm really glad to know that you find this theme pretty useful. 

And yes, of course there is a way to make the home page just display the content without forcing the user to login. 

For this, please go to Admin>>Customer Portal and check the box that says  "Users can view Forums without logging in". Trust me, this would most likely do the trick :D 

Let me know in case you need more assistance. Will be too glad to help out. 



Thanks for making this theme.  It looks very useful as a "roadmap" to let users know what's in development, and to give them a voice to vote for new features.

I added all the files to the appropriate places in the "Customize Portal" section of my admin, but when I go to the home page of the theme, it's asking me to login.  For this to be most useful, I'd like users to be able to view the home page so they can see the "roadmap" without needing to login, if they just want to look.  Of course, if they want to suggest or vote for a new feature, they would need to create an account and login.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make the home page simply display the content, without forcing the user to login first?  I can send you the URL for where the theme is, if you would like.

Thanks in advance,