Can you have user generated fields?

  • 23 March 2023
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We have a business need that we were hoping FreshDesk would be able to resolve. 

We run a Learning Management System as a service. One of our services is to add courses and Instructor Led Trainings. Two of the components of an ILT are Sessions and Events. There is no set cap on how many sessions and events an ILT can have. An event, or more likely, events reside inside a session. So, in one ILT, you could have:
2 Sessions each with 1 event
5 Sessions each with 3 events
50 Sessions each with 6 events.
This goes on ad infinitum. 
We want to capture all new ILT requests (no matter how many sessions or events they have) with the least amount of fields possible. For example, a customer logs in, sees the form for requesting an ILT, types the number of sessions they want, that number of conditional fields automatically populates. Is this doable? 
I have no idea how to do this in fresh, or if it is even possible. You can accomplish this with survey tools, but we got a ticketing system to process requests of this nature. 

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