• 17 June 2024
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I have seen a form that has mandatory fields for name but all other fields are optional even though they would need selecting.. so for example  Laptop, mobile phone, ipad are all check boxes but at least one of them need to be selected - they cannot all be blank.

When I asked my admin about changing this so that we get right information coming in first time I was told the forms are limited to how many of each type of field can be created. So x number of text boxes, y number of yes/no fields, z number of radio buttons so we are limited to what we can do.

Given the product is this right? It seems quite unusual for me.

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Hi @wowgalore,


We have certain restrictions in the number of fields that we support for each type. Here are the details:


# of Values in Dropdown field No Limit/ Performance Issues after 300
# of Checkboxes 10
Decimal  10
Date Field 10
Number field 20
Paragraph   10
String_Single line, dropdown, nested fields 80

# of Characters in Single Line Text (Dropdown, nested fields)



This is consistent across all Freshdesk accounts.

Hope this helps.