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  • 26 February 2021
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I need a solution to combine sequential tickets (and/or autoresponses to FD tickets bouncing back and forth) from another ITSM solution.

The not-changing part is the start of the subject, it has a static ingredient, but the rest of the subject will vary. the FD ticket number appended to the response subject is not retained by the other solution. Now a new ticket is always created. Can these be automerged based on below data?




INCTASK0120255: TestTicket Ref:xxxMSG1555768_16Inp9KQt5Qp33tA7


INCTASK0120255: TestTicket Ref:xxxMSG1555694_2uah9xMQRl9i5Za4Z





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Hello @sqladmin,

We currently do not append a response based on the ticket subject. Freshdesk looks for the following three markers in every incoming email. For an email to be threaded to a ticket, it has to pass one of the following checks:

Ticket ID (if enabled) 
Unique Identifier

After the ticket is identified as a reply, the requester email should be one of the following for it to be threaded to a ticket:

  • The requester email address of the ticket
  • The agent email address of the ticket
  • Email address(es) in the CC of the ticket
  • Email address(es) to which the ticket was forwarded

So unless an email satisfies one of the email markers check and one of the sender email checks, it will be created as a new ticket in your helpdesk. 

However, if multiple responses are received from the same requestor within a short time span, you can try the marketplace app “Auto ticket merger” which automatically merges the incoming tickets to the primary one based on the ticket requestor. Please refer to this link:



Freshdesk Community Team


I´m trying to install the app above but I´m always redirected to this page

Do you have any idea what´s happening?

Or another way to auto-merge tickets with partly same subject?


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Hi @jl.oliva,


Can you check if you are able to install the app on a different browser, just to eliminate the possibility of cache issues? Also, check if third party cookies are allowed in your browser settings. If the issue persists, you can drop an email to with your account details, issue description and screenshot and they’d be able to check further.


I’m not sure if there’s an app to auto merge based on partial matching of the Subject line but you can refer to the following apps.




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