Support Team Publishing Unconfirmed Changes

  • 15 February 2018
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There have been several instances in the past week alone, where the Freshservice Support Team have agreed to make some code customizations to our Portal. Yet when the changes are implemented, I find that our Portal is completely missing some functions and features...

This is completely unnacceptable. I understand that sometimes code doesn't work and can be troublesome to get it right, however what I fail to grasp is the lack of quality control on a LIVE user's instance. It seems as if no one is confirming the work before 'resolving' the issue.

Very frustrating. Anyone else experience this as well?

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2 replies

Couldn't agree with you more. This has been happening to us for ages. In most situations, we end up having to perform the testing ourselves in the Prod environment as they couldn't supply us with a proper Test environment (which is another bigger issue that they need to address for us!). 

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I am really sorry for any inconvenience.

Our support team does perform testing before implementing the code but we have limitations because Freshplugs(Custom Apps) or customization is specific to the configurations of each portal.Many a times customisations/Freshplugs might have a conflict with ones that already exist in the system but we try our best to recreate the environment.

We will check the respective concerns mentioned in this thread and will do the needful.

At this point, We have also roped in SI Partners who can further help with any extensive customisation from here on.