Customer answers and a new ticket is created

  • 15 November 2021
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Hi there,

we have a problem where I don't know why. We have a ticket where the customer replied with the same email and ticket number in the subject, but a new ticket was created anyway. Can someone tell me why? The option "Create a new ticket for every customer response" is deactivated in the settings.

The problem here is that the ticket is already being processed and the agent has not received a notification for the answer.

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4 replies

Did you check if the customer replied from same email id?

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Hello @CarportwerkD, as @manasMutreja suggested, can you confirm if the reply was sent by the requester email address or any address that’s cc’ed in the ticket or the email address the ticket is forwarded to? 


For a reply to thread to a ticket, Freshdesk perfroms two checks: Sender checks and Email Markers check as mentioned here


Can you check this and share your inference?


Hello @manasMutreja & @Keer 

yes the e-mail is a reply to a ticket from the same e-mail address. If I enter the email into the search, he also finds both tickets. But I don't understand why he didn't bring them together. 


You can see this in the screenshot:
#4761 is the original and #5398 is the answer to that.


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Hello, we have the problem again with another ticket. Why are these not merged if they come from the system in response to a ticket email?