Emails landing to the SPAM folder in our mailbox not getting converted as tickets in Freshdesk

  • 9 March 2022
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A few many times we miss out some part of an ongoing conversation with our clients because the Emails land in the SPAM folder in the mail box . Such Emails do not convert to ticket in freshdesk. I even tried forwarding the email in SPAM back to mailbox to which the forwarded Email landed in the Inbox folder of mailbox. Still then no ticket got created. Need help! 

2 replies

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Hi @Aishwary,


I understand that most of the outgoing emails from Freshdesk are getting marked as SPAM at the recipient's end. To avoid such cases, we request you to kindly configure DKIM for the email domains that use Freshdesk Server. I'm adding a few articles here that might help you for better context.


Email Delivery in Freshdesk:


You can follow the steps mentioned here in setting up DKIM. In case you have any queries, we would be happy to help:)

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