Multi-line field in Help Widget is truncating information

  • 23 November 2022
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Hello, we are using the Help Widget in our Application to allow Logged In Users to create support ticket requests without having to leave the application. One of the topics they can create a ticket for is to report a bug they’ve encountered while using our application. When an error happens in our software, we create a Bug Report that allows our team to better troubleshoot the issue. So in the Help Widget, I created a multi-line form field to allow the User to paste the content of the Bug Report and send it.

However, it seems that after a certain number of lines, the multi-line form field drops the remaining information. 

Since you run your own software platform you can imagine that when someone is trying to give details of what is happening, it’s rather inconvenient when they run out of space and you can’t get the full story.

That’s exactly what is happening to us. When they paste the Bug Report text, we get the majority of the information but the most crucial data is being clipped and never makes it to us. 

I tried to see if there was a line limit or text limit on the field that I could increase, but I wasn’t able to find anything. So I tried the chat support but was only asked for screenshots to explain the problem. Which I am not able to do because I don’t know what the people are doing when they are getting the error - because that’s the part that’s missing from the pasted Bug Report.

Can you let me know how we can remove any limits on the multi-line form fields so we can get the full information? My account is up for renewal in January, and if I can’t get this fixed I do need to find another ticket solution.


1 reply


I have confirmed the multi-line form field has a limit of 1500 characters. Can we increase this or remove any limit please??