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  • 27 January 2023
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We have several email addresses in our Freshdesk instance, each email lands in different group and not all agents have permissions to access al groups.

The issue is that all agents can create new email and send it as any of the emails registered in FD.

Is there any way to block the users from using all addresses?


Best answer by Sona_Senthil 30 January 2023, 09:09

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7 replies

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Hi @Ivan_CRO,


Could you refer to the following apps and check if any of them can be used to restrict the email addresses according to your requirement? 

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Thank You for the reply, to be honest I totally forgot to browse through the FD apps.

Unfortunately, neither of this apps has the option to disable sending from specific addresses per agent group or something similar.

I assumed that FD has this somewhere in settings, it would be only logical since if an agent doesn’t have the rights to read tickets sent to this email I really don’t see why the same agent would have rights to send mail from this address.

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Hi @Ivan_CRO,


The “Customize From Email Address” app has the option to set specific “From” email addresses for a group such that all other email addresses are hidden on the “New Email” page from the agent when the agent selects a particular group. Do you think this could work?


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Hi @Sona_Senthil,


Thank You for the response!

I had to tick the “Show emails based on agent’s groups in new email page”, this option is what I was looking for!

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Hi @Ivan_CRO,


Glad we could help. Have a great day ahead!


Feel free to drop a note here incase of further queries :)

@Ivan_CRO where can I find this setting?

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Hi @grietbroek,


The option is highligted below. I hope this helps!



Yusuf Ahmed