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  • 18 April 2024
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Hi, bit of a noob question but we have the standard portal at FreshService;

After a user logs a ticket and then activates their account they get redirected to log onto this portal.


We also have a custom portal configured we were going to use for customers;



My ‘test’ customer account can sign into either portal and get the same view of cards, open tickets etc. 


So is there a way of making our custom portal ‘default’ for customers without them being redirected automatically to the standard portal if they click on a ticket link in an email. 

I’ve just clicked on a link for my test account to open a ticket and got directed to





1 reply

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You need to ensure portal customization is completely setup.

Once finished, the URL used should be the custom one.

Perhaps is the old URL hard-coded in the Email templates instead of having a placeholder?

If everything seems fine on your end, I'd suggest to submit a support case. There may be an issue in your own instance at backend level.

Please remember that old cases would still have the old URL. Only new cases and new replies will use the new custom URL.

Please have also in mind that if you manually use the Old original URL it will still be valid. It is recommended to properly remove/update Bookmarks/Favorites, etc


Hope this helps.