Ticket logging via email - non whitelisted customers

  • 16 April 2024
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Hi, I’ve configured some whitelist domains for our customers in the Admin - Portals - Settings - Email domain restriction.

Do emails coming in that don’t meet this domain criteria for auto logging a ticket get logged anywhere? 

I know if a ticket is dropped for a deactivated customer contact the email goes to spam view but can’t find where the ‘dropped’ emails go in the system.  







Best answer by Sujitha Dhanaseelan 17 April 2024, 19:11

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Hello @AndyRussell. Thank you for contacting Freshworks community. Kindly be informed that emails originating from domains not specified under the helpdesk restrictions will not be processed as tickets and will be unsuccessful in doing so. Regrettably, there is no means of monitoring such emails in Freshdesk. Nevertheless, you may establish a folder in your mailbox to monitor and reference these emails from domains not included in the restrictions. Good day.