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  • 20 June 2022
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We, as many of you, are using a multilingual support portal. Our clients can submit their tickets on the support portal and we have been able to translate most of the content of how we wish to display the ticket fields to the clients in their own language. 

However regarding the field Status, which is a default field, we can translate the label Status, but the default list values “open, pending, resolved and cancelled” are not possible to translate. We have added our own custom values to the list, and for these we can translate. 

Below is what our language file looks like - as you see label and customer label (ie what is displayed to the customer) we can translate as well as choices 6 and 7, which are our own added values to the list. But the default “open, pending, resolved, closed” are not available for translation in the language file. 
        label: Status
        customer_label: Status
          choice_6: Waiting on Customer
          choice_7: Waiting on Third Party

After a long chat-conversation with support I finally got the answer 

  • The reason why the default field is not editable as the Analytics reports, SLAs are based on these for default fields in status.

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue, and if you find it to be an issue that you would like to have fixed.  

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Hello @Katerina, Good day. I hope you are well :) 


I understand you would like to translate the default status options. As of now, we have fedault translations for these fields based on the language and it can’t be defined. However, I understand how helpful it would be and you can share this as an idea here.


We can check the feasibility and take this up as a feature request after consulting with our product team. Have a good day!