Why is our site changing daily and wiping out our custom theme?


What the heck is going on?

For the last 7 to 10 days our support site (FreshDesk) is going nuts.

Something keeps changing our theme in strange and bazaar ways.

Unfortunately, I didn’t set our site up originally, so we didn’t have our mods to the pages. It was based on the Vertio theme which of course is down and can’t be downloaded.

Every time I have the site almost perfect it changes. Worse is that what I see (Refreshing Cache) isn’t what others on my team see when they access our site.

I’m getting really upset with this as I’ve got far too many hours in making changes to our theme that keeps changing.  When I say changing I mean things like CSS getting changed. Sections I’ve complete blanked out like HEADER (I moved the code to portal home) re-appear but are yet different then what we had almost like it’s from another site or theme! Definitely not from our site!

Around 2am I had pretty much everything the way I wanted it except a homepage graphic and modification to breadcrumbs.

I’ve been very careful to click publish on every change just to make sure everything is used/incorporated.  Today I wake up to emails from my boss asking me what’s going on and why can’t I even get the header to match our existing site. The header has been perfect for 5 days or more but when the CSS changes (why?) it trashes our site again and again.

Now when I go into our admin section I’ve got a whole different UI then I’ve had the last 2 weeks and editing themes is different.  Not to mention a new theme Marina. It’s one thing to have additional themes to work with but parts of Marina and now in the theme I’ve been editing very carefully.

I had hard coded links to our other sites which have been changed to dynamic and can’t work for us.

So I’m asking, what the heck is going on with the backend and why are/who keeps changing our setup and theme?


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