Freshdesk Enhancements (March’20 - May’20)- Help Widget, Knowledge Base and Tickets page

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  1. The help widget now supports image previews. The end users can see images in a bigger area when they’re reading articles

  2. The help widget, by default, shows the most viewed articles in the categories that are associated with it. Going forward, Freshdesk admins can make it show specific articles, based on the webpage it loads in. This is available from Estate plan & above.

  3. Formatting options now appear upfront in the editor across all pages in Freshdesk. You can also include a simple code block in replies/notes using the new ‘Insert code’ option.

  4. When a customer is reading a solution article in the help widget, they can now open it in the portal for a better reading experience.This can be done by clicking on the arrow right next to the article title. If the help widget is associated with a product, we’ll take the end user to the product portal (if the product portal is enabled). If not, we’ll take the user to the main portal.

  5. Customer journey is now supported in the help widget. An agent can now see the last five articles an end user viewed before they submitted a ticket via the help widget. This feature was previously available for the portal, it’s now available in the help widget. This will help the agent understand what the end user is talking about, better.

  6. Interlinking articles are now available in Freshdesk Knowledge Base. Today, adding an existing article link into your article requires multiple steps and switching tabs. Now, you can search, read and link it while working on your article from the same page.

  7. We are introducing Customer Segments in our Knowledge Base. With the introduction of Customer Segments in Freshdesk Knowledge Base, you can provide a personalized customer experience by tailoring your knowledge base to suit your segment of customers.

  8. 'Assign To' ticket field is now split into two separate fields 'Group' and 'Agent' on all pages except for the card view.

  9. Multilingual widgets in the knowledge base. The content manager will now know the article count based on languages so that he will know the language gap and ensure all the articles are translated in the required languages. Also, the content manager will know the total number of articles that are not translated into a specific language. Introducing language filter, Split by language, Untranslated filters.

  10. We are now supporting ‘Insert new solutions' in New ticket and New email. Agents will be able to insert solutions while using the options + New ticket or +New email.

  11. Hit ‘@’ and mention anyone in private notes to get their attention.

  12. We are introducing a common Apply filter option. This allows you to choose all the filters at once and then apply all the filters to fetch the respective tickets. So, it's multiple filters at one go. This enhancement will save time majorly and you don't have to wait to dig your numerous tickets.

  13. We are introducing Knowledge base insights. An admin can now see how many articles were created, approved, published to measure the productivity of the agents.


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