Release Notes - 24 May 2021

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New Features 

  • We’ve added Product and Region to Accounts API

  • We’ve added Deals API to CSV upload

Bug Fixes

  • Custom account number field issue in Goals

  • Date field defaults to the current date on Goals

  • Source name uniqueness validation is not happening in the IT Administration > Source Credentials

  • Not able to edit Wootric source in the IT Administration > Source Credentials page

  • Activity chart not displayed in Account details page

  • In the Management Center > Account Settings, customize account layout adding a field and remove the name in search throws an error

  • While editing the date field in the overview section close button and calendar symbol is move away from the field

  • NPS pagination cache issue - irrespective of the chosen records count in the pagination footer, the no of records on the NPS page defaults to 10

  • NPS tabular has two columns for survey name, one of them was removed

  • NPS comments column - Hover over the comments column/exporting the NPS data doesn't show the complete comments

  • Chart exploration page > Time dropdown > "Quarter" had a typo

  • The child account name on a manually recorded interaction does not show up properly in the parent hierarchy roll-up view

  • Latest Status column on the account list view not displaying the status for accounts with ID 0

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