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Freshchat Release Notes - April 2023

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Freshchat Release Notes - April 2023



All Below features and enhancements are available to all customers from Apr 30, 2023 ​​​​​​.


New Features and Enhancements

  1. Connect Freshchat and Freshdesk easily: Easily connect your Freshchat and Freshdesk to view Tasks and Tickets in Freshchat, import solution articles as FAQs, and sync contacts.
  2. Task management in Freshchat: Help agents effortlessly collaborate to resolve customer issues by enabling them to create tasks in Freshchat within a conversation and assign them to a teammate/internal agent on Freshdesk, and effortlessly collaborate to resolve customer issues.
  3. Threads in Freshchat: Help agents organize and streamline conversations by allowing them to have focused discussions on customer queries without cluttering up the conversation pane.
  4. Quoted text in Emails: Enable agents to distinguish between old and new messages with Emails with quoted text. Agents can gain context from quoted content without scrolling through several replies.
  5. New Threading Logic: The new threading logic allows each topic to have a threading interval that determines when a new conversation should be created or continue on the same conversation.
  6. Conversation Properties: Enable agents to set measurable properties that can be used to analyze and optimize customer support operations.
  7. Contact management in the Team Inbox: Choose which contact fields to display in the Team Inbox. Associate contacts, identify duplicates and merge them directly from the Inbox.
  8. Bot analytics enhancement: New and improved bot analytics with access to more key metrics. Build detailed custom reports and gather better insights from your bot conversations with Freshchat.
  9. Terminal Action Validation: Terminal action validations are tooltips and cues to prevent users from creating conflicting bot flows or configuring improper assignments. 
  10. UCR for bot-based customer properties: Customer properties will soon be synced across agent conversations and bot conversations. The Contacts page will contain all the customer properties.
  11. Groups and Business Hours got a facelift: Create and edit your groups and business hours easily, and configure your agents' group-specific chat and phone preferences.
  12. Enhanced API library in the bot builder: Test out multipart APIs and configure URL-encoded APIs) in the bot builder to make it easier to configure chatbot APIs properly.
  13. Conversation Status: Enable agents to always be up-to-date and take faster action with the introduction of new conversation statuses at various stages of the resolution cycle. 


Bug fixes


These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. Some responses were not available under the dropdowns listed inside conditions. 
  2. A few languages were not rendered in the widget. This is fixed. Similarly, some languages were missing from the add language page.
  3. Sometimes, quick actions would fail while using a dropdown or a button in the bot.
  4. Occasionally, dialogs would trigger more than once when routed from the Answers module.
  5. At times, the regex would not work as intended while setting up conditions in the bot builder.
  6. If the bot builder is set to use a button input as the first input, it sometimes failed due to an empty message from the button. Similarly, it sometimes failed if quick actions were used as part of the first user message.
  7. Header parameters were displayed as part of the body parameters field while saving certain APIs.
  8. Some agents noticed multiple avatars with the same icon if multiple agents were viewing the same conversation. 
  9. Certain screen sizes and resolutions faced issues with scrolling and navigation if some banner notifications were shown.
  10. While filtering conversations, some agents faced issues where they could not access the last option.
  11. Some agents faced issues while adding conversation properties from the content picker in the bot builder. 
  12. Sometimes, a bot faced errors when it processed more than 50 dialogs. 
  13. The alias value would be displayed in a button instead of the display text for API responses in some bot flows. 
  14. Some Omnichannel customers noticed issues with accepting URL fields across Freshchat and Freshdesk. 
  15. Some agents faced an issue with the Inactivity Timer not working for new conversations.
  16. At times, the bot builder was showing an error if agents added a secondary button without a hyperlink in a carousel.



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