Release Notes

Freshchat Release Notes - Aug 2022

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Freshchat Release Notes - Aug 2022

New Features and Enhancements


New and improved Freshchat inbox

We’ve enhanced the overall visual experience and usability across the three sections of the Inbox page - the conversation listing pane (left), the conversations pane (middle), and the apps pane (right) so agents can focus on the right details.

More details here.



Bug fixes


These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. Customers were unable to restore chats using the restore ID and external ID.

  2. Campaign flow messages got cleared when customers tried to open them.

  3. Agents in the Omni channel account kept seeing prompts to go active on IntelliAssign even though it was disabled.

  4. Customers were unable to log in to their Freshchat account.

  5. WhatsApp and SMS was duplicated for a few customers.

  6. Customers were unable to set up triggered campaigns.

  7. Customers were unable to download the chat transcript report.

  8. Customers were unable to set their profile picture on Instagram while creating a new user.

  9. Reactions were breaking in the UI when both the agent and the end-user reacted to the same message.

  10. Customers with Instagram integration were facing ‘Unexpected error occurred’ messages when agents were interacting with the end-users.

  11. Chat and Bot widgets did not render the video content attached in the Articles FAQ's description.

  12. Two text boxes appeared along with the suggested Answer when Feedback for Answers was enabled.

  13. Error was not thrown when uploading unsupported file formats after agent transfer happened.

  14. The bot abruptly stopped in a particular dialog and did not proceed beyond that for a few customers.

  15. Answers are not triggered and fallback was shown when any unsupported locale was set from chat's conversation widget.

  16. Newly created questions were not listed in the Questions/Train Your Bot list page immediately.

  17. When images with vertically long dimensions were uploaded, only a portion of the image was displayed on clicking.


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