Release Notes

Freshdesk and Freshdesk Omnichannel Release Notes - Aug 2022

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Freshdesk and Freshdesk Omnichannel Release Notes - Aug 2022

New Features and Enhancements


All-new Report Builder in Freshdesk Analytics

Building reports got easier and frictionless with fewer clicks and transitions. With the new UI, building, filtering, and navigating reports will be simpler, faster, and frictionless. 

More details here.



Freshdesk Telephony Partner Extension with Aircall

Aircall is now a part of Freshdesk Telephony Partner Extension. Integrate Aircall with your Freshdesk account and offer stellar omnichannel support without switching screens!

More details here.



Custom Objects enhancement - Automations

Set up automation rules with Custom Objects. Perform ticket actions, update CO records, and more with this enhancement. Reach out to your respective CSMs or TAMs to get it enabled for your account.

Available on-demand



Bug fixes


These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. When agents with group-based scope updated the ticket priority, they were redirected to the ticket list page.

  2. Few trial customers could not upgrade to the Freshdesk Omni channel plan from the product UI.

  3. Customers could not get pages from the API as the contact API failed to return the ‘Link’ header.

  4. Customers were unable to create a child ticket from parent tickets.

  5. When customers had more than two custom objects, they were clubbed under a single icon in the sidebar.

  6. Customers were redirected to an error page when they clicked on ‘View details’ in the customer satisfaction section from the dashboard.

  7. Nested ticket fields showed an error on execution.

  8. The text editor in the ticket added an extra period at the end of line.

  9. When an email was sent to a support email address with another support address in CC, on clicking reply, the CC’ed email address disappeared.

  10. Phone validation didn't work when adding a new contact in new ticket form.

  11. For customers who had Salesforce Plus integrated, ‘Sync tickets to Salesforce’ option turned off automatically.

  12. When domain was changed to non-English language, a ‘Not Found’ error was displayed.

  13. Few customers were unable to view any tickets when the filter ‘Agents or Internal agents’ was set to ‘Me.’

  14. Customers were unable to import contacts with email addresses that had capital letters in them.

  15. Customers were unable to submit tickets when the account had helpdesk restrictions in place.

  16. Automation rules associated to call tags were not triggered when a call from Freshdesk Contact Center was converted to a ticket.

  17. In the customer portal, the inline images of a solution article looked smaller when clicked.

  18. When 'Customer can edit' was OFF, Timezone/language fields were not disabled.

  19. When there was more than one email associated with a contact, only the first email was shown in edit profile page.

  20. The Freshchat widget and Freshdesk Contact Center widget were overlapping and disappeared for a few customers.

  21. In the WhatsApp conversation metering table, the column Product was not sortable.

  22. The custom scripts implemented to translate language for Type and Subtype ticket fields did not work.

  23. Collaborators were unable to update ticket when 'Set Ticket Field Options' market place app was configured.

  24. After applying filters in the Tickets list page, the created time was hidden.

  25. There were UI alignment issues in the customer portal.


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