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Product updates:

Freddy Answers are now multilingual 

Let your bots speak to your customers in the language they understand best. With this release, you can set up questions and their variations to map them to an answer or a chatbot flow in over 40 languages!

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Multipart form data APIs in Freshdesk Messaging bot builder

With Multipart Form Data format support in the API library, your bot can collect and pass file attachments and other information from end-users to any third-party application. By pushing attachments, your bot will be able to add more clarity to the question they have raised or the issue they are facing.

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Export bot reports with ease and accuracy

With Freddy Self-Service, you can now get insights into your bot’s performance with readily available bot exports. Choose between Scheduled and One-time exports, delete existing schedules, and you will soon be able to include up to five email IDs to send reports to. 

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Improvements to Conversation settings for Bots

Users will have the option to choose if they want to hide all closed conversations. Users will be able to create fallback options for what happens when a Conversation has been idle for ‘x’ minutes. The actions include ‘Resolve Conversation’, ‘Transfer to agent’, and ‘Trigger a flow’.

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Changes in ‘New’ Conversations in Bots

Currently, every interaction the bot has with customers is recorded as a Conversation in the bot builder, regardless of whether the customer responds or not. This leads to a lot of ‘New’ status conversations where the only interaction is the dialog initiated by the bot. This creates a huge volume of conversations that leads to a cluttered experience. To avoid this, we’re not creating New conversations where the customer doesn’t respond/take any action in response to the bot message(s), and ‘New’ status conversations will be removed from Analytics.

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Bot interactive messages in WhatsApp 

With this update in Freshdesk Messaging, bot flows with structured content including carousels, lists, buttons, and articles will be optimized automatically to deliver an interactive experience for end-users on WhatsApp. Admins no longer need to create WhatsApp-specific flows manually for this set of interactive messages. 

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  • In Inbox view, the user name will be cut off after 30 characters and represented with ‘...’



  • Previously, a blank page was shown in Internet Explorer (incompatible browser) while trying to use the bot builder in Mint UI. Now users will see a warning message instead of a blank page. 



  • Success messages were updated to reflect the conditions changed. For eg, for node deletion:

    • Previously - Dialog deleted successfully.

    • Now - Conversation deleted successfully.



  • The success message for Quick Action message was updated to reflect the action. 

    • Previously - Predefined flows updated successfully

    • Now - Quick Action updated successfully.




  • When creating custom views beyond a certain limit, users will now be shown an error message that says, ‘You have reached the maximum limit of custom views. Please reach out to support.’ 

  • Customers were unable to download/view Historical reports due to the download URL length. The URL length has now been shortened to enable customers to download and view reports. 

  • The agents’ full names can be displayed through the mobile SDK.

  • Omnichannel agents with an active day pass can access the Freshdesk Messaging mobile app


Bug fixes:

These were the bugs detected and they’ve now been fixed.


  1. The first letter in the agent name was capitalized by default while it was displayed in the bot.

  2. Custom flows dropdown power select was flashing on and off. 

  3. Freshworks CRM customers were unable to access Freshdesk Messaging-related settings. 

  4. Data in the Volume section of the Conversation Performance Report was missing.

  5. Users were unable to log in to their Freshdesk Messaging accounts, they were only able to access it through an incognito window. 

  6. The reply policy banner was not displayed to users on Whatsapp when there was a series of more than 20 agent messages. 

  7. Japanese characters were distorted when displayed in the customer profile settings of Freshdesk Messaging. 

  8. Customers were unable to expand group names by hovering the mouse in the Business Hours Settings page. 

  9. The Shopify integration link on Freshworks Marketplace was not working. 

  10. Co-browsing was not working and loading indefinitely once customers accepted the request.

  11. In-app notifications for reopened conversations navigated to New messages view instead of Notification view.

  12. Bot name was not displayed completely due to the first name and last name configuration from the backend.

  13. Scheduled email campaigns were stuck ‘In progress’ for customers. 

  14. Custom apps were not loading in Omnichannel accounts.

  15. When headers were added to an API under the API library, a comma was automatically added to the last header value. 

  16. In the bot builder, Dialog1.1 was always highlighted even when creating/editing another dialog.

  17. While exporting reports with the fields ‘Customer information and Contextual data’ and ‘Customer conversations’, the fields came in empty. 

  18. When dialog input type was configured with 10 or more Buttons, the ‘Show More’ button was misaligned. 

  19. Users were shown a 404 error while trying to update the decision flow from the old UI.

  20. The multilingual; feature broke for a few customers in the middle of a conversation, wherein the language switched from the chosen language to English after a few dialogs. 

  21. The search option was not working as expected in the Get Response field in the bot builder. 

  22. There was extra space between two options in the node action list. 

  23. The metadata '' did not get updated to closed status when bot conversations were closed.

  24. Custom variables were not seen in the bot messages when they were passed from Freshdesk Messaging. 

  25. When the channel name and URL were empty, the SDK crashed.

  26. We’ve fixed the filtering process for FAQ tags.

  27. Users were not able to attach files in private notes.

Cheers :)

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