Release Notes

Freshdesk Release Notes - April 2023

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Freshdesk Release Notes - April 2023


All Below features and enhancements are available to all customers from Apr 30, 2023


New Features and Enhancements

Language support for Custom Objects in Freshdesk

Upload translated labels for your custom object names and field labels in Freshdesk. This will be displayed to the agents in their preferred language. 

More details here.


Custom agent statuses in Freshdesk

Get insights into how agents spend their time when unavailable to assist new customers. Use the availability dashboard to view and update the team’s statuses in real time. 

More details here.


Bug fixes


These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. There were issues in loading a company's contacts list when there were many company associations.
  2. Ticket templates did not load when the section field had the custom object's field.
  3. Thread automation did not work when custom object automation was enabled.
  4. Duplicate activities were displayed on the ticket details page.
  5. The skill ID was set to null for a few tickets that were routed based on skills.
  6. Freddy's suggestion did not get applied for the Ticket Field 'Product' on the ticket details page.
  7. The text status was broken on the customer portal UI when the text status was long.
  8. The site went down when customers tried updating their vanity URL.
  9. Spaces at the beginning of a canned response title were not removed when customers saved it.
  10. Formatting of text in list format broke when agents tried to copy-paste them into the text editor.
  11. Customers were unable to apply the agent response filter in the List view.
  12. The ticket update button was enabled even when customers didn’t make any changes to the ticket properties.
  13. The Roles page translation was broken when the profile language was set to German.
  14. An error was thrown when customers tried to use Assume Identity of a contact.
  15. Customers were unable to add emails with the ‘+’ symbol as an action under Automations.
  16. Customers were facing an error when they tried to remove widgets from the dashboard.
  17. There was an issue with getting the conversations via public API.
  18. When customers exported tickets from the list view on the tickets page, the export email's subject displayed the wrong date.
  19. Customers were unable to use the scroll manually to slide across their advanced email settings.
  20. Updating the tags for a ticket did not send any app events.
  21. Customers were able to save the Company name without filling up the mandatory Contact field.
  22. Agents were not getting email notifications when tickets were assigned.
  23. The down arrow was not visible in the ticket properties section on Windows devices.
  24. Customers were unable to post agent replies as solution articles from the mobile app.
  25. Notifications were not sent out for tickets assigned to a group.
  26. The notifications on the Security page loaded only after a long delay when customers tried to add new admins to their accounts.
  27. The description was not carried over when customers tried to clone a ticket template.
  28. The Portal theme was broken and threw an error when customers added an emoji in portal customization.
  29. There were issues when customers tried to downgrade Field Service Management.
  30. Ticket activities did not show the assigned agent name when the assigned agent was deleted.
  31. The status was not translated while customers tried to view the child ticket status linked with a parent ticket in Swedish.
  32. The language dropdown in the customer portal was not unique on the home and ticket pages.
  33. There was a misalignment of the image after agents responded to a ticket.
  34. There were issues with selecting the text on the reply editor.



Any idea if removing the pop-up below the address bar stating you’re working on updates is planned ?

Will an auto update/refresh feature for the tickets be being implement rater than having to manaually click 50+ times a day?