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Freshdesk Support Desk and Freshdesk Omnichannel Release Notes - May 2022

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Freshdesk Support Desk and Freshdesk Omnichannel Release Notes - May 2022

New Features and Enhancements

Multiple ticket forms in Freshdesk
Effortlessly create multiple forms out-of-the-box and provide a tailored experience for their customers. Additionally, they can automate workflows based on the form a customer contacted them from and gain insights on form usage, trends, and more using analytics.Here are some things you can do with multiple ticket forms: 

  • Create tailored forms for different customers’ brand or product or issue. 

  • Automate workflows on tickets created from different forms. 

  • Draw actionable insights on different form usage, trends, etc.,

  • Hand-hold customers at every step of their form-filling experience. 

  • Extend the capabilities of forms by integrating with out-of-the-box marketplace apps.

More details here.

Omnichannel agent status (Early Access Program- EAP)

Get complete visibility into how your agents are spending their time when they’re unavailable to assist customers. You can build custom statuses like ‘On a break’, ‘In a meeting’, etc., to enable agents to indicate what they’re doing when they’re unable to take new requests. Use reports to understand how much time they spend in a meeting vs addressing issues, for how long they’re available, and more. This makes planning for workforce management much easier and helps evaluate agents better.


Caveats to be aware of:

  • Agents will be able to set their availability only from Freshdesk Omnichannel once this feature is enabled. 

  • The toggle bar for setting availability in Freshdesk Messaging IntelliAssign will be disabled for agents once this feature is enabled.

  • Custom and default statuses in Freshdesk Contact Center will be migrated to Freshdesk Omnichannel for agents once this feature is enabled.

Reach out to us at to sign up for the feature. More details about the feature here.

Available only on Freshdesk Omnichannel Pro and Enterprise plans.

Bug fixes


These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.

  1. Unable to create new agents.

  2. Multiple tickets were assigned to agents breaching the capping limit.

  3. ‘Other’ phone numbers were not displayed on the contact profile page.

  4. An error was thrown when tickets under the filter ‘ Tickets I'm watching' were exported.

  5. User values were missing in the exports that were scheduled.

  6. Audit logs were not working when nested field conditions were changed.

  7. There was a slowness issue in customer portal.

  8. Tickets were not getting exported when the user language was changed to a non-English language.

  9. Author name was not getting displayed in knowledge base articles.

  10. When a company was created with a domain, all contacts ending with that domain were associated to the domain instead of mapping contacts with the exact domain.

  11. Issue with translations in sign up page.


The link in the Multiple Ticket forms in Freshdesk (More details here.) doesn’t work and it shows a message that the the page you were looking for does not exist. I assume the link should be this one? Multiple ticket forms in Freshdesk : Freshdesk

But I can not find Admin - Ticket forms menu on our Freshdesk instance, has this been rolled out to all instances already?

Not possible to access the form to test Omnichannel agent status . Thank you for your help.

Hi Gabriel,

The link for Multiple forms is now updated, thank you for pointing it out. 

But I can not find Admin - Ticket forms menu on our Freshdesk instance, has this been rolled out to all instances already?

Reg this, we're rolling out this feature in batches. It will be enabled in your account in the coming weeks.

Still waiting on an official dark mode...

Hey Marion, the form link is updated, you should be able to access it now. Thanks.

Please work on items that are helpful like making it so that any company that is created automatically selects the little ticket button in the contacts to be turned on. So that contacts can automatically be able to see all tickets for their company. Please allow us to REMOVE certain ticket statuses like resolved (when closed works just fine). Please allow us to remove facebook, twitter, etc. These are hinderances that should be customizable.

Still awaiting fixes for the many bugs in the editor.

The Multiple Form article states:

Note: If you have signed up for Freshdesk before May 2022, multiple forms will be enabled for you by the end of June 2022. 


We’re over a week into July now and my instance of Fresh Desk is still missing this feature. Any word when this will actually be rolled out? Was there an issue with the feature causing the release to be delayed?

Hi Tyler,

I’m afraid that the rollout for Multiple Forms is delayed for existing customers. It’ll be available by the end of September. The article is now updated as well. 

Note: Assuming identity of an agent in Freshdesk Omni accounts will only reveal the auto-assignment being enabled or not for tickets, even when the the same agent is added to the chat and call platforms, since the assume identity feature is specific to the Freshdesk ticketing platform.