Release Notes

Freshservice Release notes of 2021.R08.09

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Important update: We have updated the CSP enhancement timelines on August 31st. This enhancement will be available on 31st Oct' 21 instead of 31st Aug’21.

We have updated the CSAT enhancements availability timelines on August 17th. We will be rolling it out in a phased manner as per the timelines below:

Aug 19th: For customers on Sprout, Blossom, and Starter plans 

Aug 20th: For customers on Garden and Growth plans 

Aug 31st: For customers on Estate, Pro, Forest, and Enterprise plans

Note: All other features/enhancements (except CSAT) below will be available on Blossom, Starter, Garden, and Growth plans on Aug 18th. For Estate, Pro, Forest, and Enterprise plans will be available on Aug 31st.


New Custom Dashboards:
Category: IT Service Management

Note: Dashboard revamp will be live soon across all plans

We are modernizing Freshservice architecture, and as a first step, we are bringing a new and improved dashboard module. 

To empower service desk teams, we have incorporated few subtle yet impactful changes as well. We have introduced an accessible and inclusive dashboard with minor changes in the user interface: 

  • Accessible and inclusive user interface with full-page voice over command, fresh color palette, and hoverable content

  • Now users can configure a two-tier alert on scorecard viz. warning & critical to manage the severity of a metric and receive a visual alert when the threshold is breached 

  • Recent activities organized under newer older categories 

More details here


Mark Agent Groups as Restricted Groups
Category: Enterprise Service Management

Limit agents and admins with global scope from accessing sensitive tickets by using restricted groups. 

With this feature, only members and observers of restricted groups can see tickets assigned to the groups. Mark the groups handling sensitive data as restricted, and track all changes made to the group membership, administration, and restriction changes. 

More details here.

Note: This feature will be available for new Enterprise customers on August 18, 2021. For existing Forest, Pro, and Enterprise customers it will be available on August 31, 2021.

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Multilingual Knowledge Base Management

Category: IT Service Management

Declutter and manage your knowledge base in multiple languages effectively and efficiently with our new feature. 

1. Agents can add language filters while viewing/managing a knowledge base 

2. Link between same articles that are in different languages 

3. Make changes in the primary article and mark the articles in other languages as outdated 

4. Update the other articles and mark them as up to date

CSAT Enhancements

Category: IT Service Management

Introducing a more powerful and intuitive way of measuring your customer satisfaction. With our enhanced CSAT module you can create multiple custom surveys for your customers, configure score-based questions, and:

1. Create multiple survey forms and add multiple choice-based, rating based or text-based questions 

2. Assign scores to your choices/ratings and analyze customer sentiments based on the response scores 

3. Configure conditions on when to trigger which survey based on ticket fields 

4. Set condition-action(s) based rules on the survey questionnaire to define show/hide/jump configurations on questions 

5. Analyze customer responses at question level using the new module, called “Survey Question”

Note: We will be rolling out CSAT enhancements in a phased manner as per the timelines below:

Aug 19th: For customers on Sprout, Blossom, and Starter plans 

Aug 20th: For customers on Garden and Growth plans 

Aug 31st: For customers on Estate, Pro, Forest, and Enterprise plans


Business Rules for Change Forms with Planning Fields Condition

Category: IT Service Management

Admins can now easily add dynamic forms by configuring conditions based on Change planning fields. No code is needed.


Automated Removal of Quoted Text from Ticket Replies

Category: IT Service Management

Note: The enhancement is live across all plans

More often agents end up manually deleting the chain of previous replies while responding to a ticket trail. Now not only agents can simply remove quoted text manually with one click but this can be removed automatically unanimously for all agent replies in your account through admin settings.
Enable and disable quoted text automatically while setting agent reply template:

Admin >> Email Notification >> Agent reply template


Web Request Node for Ticket / ITIL / Asset Automators

Category: Workflows/Automation

With your service desk being the center of operations amidst multiple tools used in your organization, integrating your service desk seamlessly with your ecosystem would be vital.

Web request node allows you to fire off an API request from the workflow automator to all your tools that use REST APIs.

Perform API requests, parse the response body with the JSON parser, and reference the response outputs in subsequent nodes with the help of web request nodes.

More details here

Business Rules Enhancements 

Category: Workflows/Automation

1. Set and Remove options

Lengthy forms with irrelevant fields never contribute to a good self-service experience. Set and Remove option helps to restrict the dropdown choices conditionally in the Service item forms.

  • Display the dropdown values based on Location/Department/Group.

  • Remove a specific value from the custom categories for the requesters but still have them reported on the historical tickets.



2.  Portal Name Condition

Customize your ticket forms and regulate access for ticket fields based on the Support Portals

For example: Display specific fields for non-logged-in users to raise tickets based on the Support Portals. This can come in handy during a walk-in Kiosk setup.



Date and Time Field support for Custom Object

Category: Workflows/Automation

Store, customize, and reference your date and time data within workflows using date and time fields in custom objects.





Visualize Asset Relationships better with our improved Relationship Map

Category: IT Asset Management

IT teams and asset managers have to deal with relationship data day-in and day-out. Since visualizing and understanding this relationship data is critical for efficient service management we have rolled out enhancements to improve user experience for asset relationship maps.




This includes the ability to:

  • Visualize directionality better with upstream and downstream relationships 

  • Choose the number of relationship levels displayed

  • View associations and create new relationships from the map

  • Zoom in on sections of the map

More details here


Out-of-the-box integration with Freshping

Category: IT Operations Management

Integrate easily with Freshping, an award-winning website monitoring tool, with a preconfigured setup that we are shipping this month. With this out-of-the-box integration, start ingesting notifications from Freshping into Freshservice in minutes, and simplify website monitoring. Navigate to IT Operations Management -> Alert Profile -> Add Integration -> Look for Freshping and get started.


Now mark your users as VIP Users

Category: Enterprise Service Management

Prioritize users in Freshservice by marking them as VIP. 

While creating an agent or a requester, you can check the box against “Mark as VIP” to label them as VIP. 

Use this default field to create business rules and automate workflows like

  • Hiding or showing form fields

  • Bypassing approval processes

  • Assigning incidents and tickets raised by VIPs as high priority

Note: This feature is available for customers across all plans





Enable CSP Toggle for New Sign Up

Category: Security

Freshservice now supports Content Security Policy(CSP). By default, the CSP would be enabled for all accounts that signup in September. For the current customers, the toggle would be off and they can turn it on if they want.

Note: This enhancement will be available on 31st Oct' 21 instead of 31st Aug’21.

Deprecating password-based authentication for API V1 and V2:

For enhanced security, we are deprecating username/password-based authentication for API V1 and V2 from 31st August 2021 for newly created accounts. 

Any account created after August 31 2021 will not support username/password-based authentication for APIs. These accounts will have to use only API keys for API authentication.
Note: Password-based authentication will continue to be available for accounts created before 31st August 2021 at the moment, but will eventually be deprecated. We recommend that you migrate to API-key-based authentication at the earliest.

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