Release Notes

Freshservice Release notes of 2021.R10L.01

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Important update: We have updated the release timelines of Microsoft Teams enhancements on 8th Nov,2021. This feature will be available by the end of last week of Nov,2021 instead of first week of Nov,2021.

We have updated the release timelines of Additional Fields in Analytics availability on 29th, Oct 2021.

Additional Fields in Analytics will be available in a phased manner by the 3rd week of November.

Note: All the features/enhancements (except Additional Fields in Analytics availability and Microsoft Teams enhancements ) below will be available on Blossom, Starter, Garden, and Growth plan on Oct 18th. For Estate, Pro, Forest, and Enterprise plan it will be available on Oct 28th.



Approval Page Customization
Category: IT Service Management

Admins can now customize the approval page for Tickets and Changes by adding custom fields and attachments. This will ensure the approver has enough context to approve any request.

In the form fields section, enable the Display to approver option for fields that you want to add to the approvals page. You can also show attachments in the approval page by enabling “show attachments” in Approval page.


  • Fields under the Planning section cannot be added to the Change Approval Page. 

  • Previously, agent field labels and values were being displayed for Priority, Status and Agent (owner) fields in the Ticket Approval page. With this enhancement, the requester field labels and values for all fields (including priority, status and agent) will be visible on the Approval page.  



Historic Approvals Section
Category: IT Service Management

Approvers can now track their previous approvals under ‘My Historic Approvals’ section of the approvals page in the support portal.



Enhancements in “is” filter in Analytics
Category: IT Service Management

Create more in-depth reports and widgets using our enhanced - “is” filter functionality. The “is”filter has been upgraded to support fields with multiple values. So now, if a field has multiple values, the “is” filter will return only those data which match the exact filter value.


  • All existing "is" filters will be migrated to "includes" for multiple value fields so that the enhancement does not affect the reports already in use.

  • This enhancement will be available in the last week of October.


Additional Fields in Analytics
: IT Service Management

Gain more insights from your data and improve your decision-making with new additional fields in analytics. We are adding various new fields under different modules for a better reporting experience.

  • Ticket description and parent ticket information present in the tickets module

  • Custom paragraph fields in the service request module

  • Service request properties get created when a service request is placed. These fields are Requested Quantity, Stage of Requested Item, and Estimated Delivery

  • Time to close in Hours, Description, and Custom Paragraph fields under the Change Management module

  • Timesheet notes present in the Timesheet, where you track the amount of time spent on a particular ticket

  • Task notes are present under the Tasks section in tickets, problems, changes and releases.

  • Asset custom paragraph field values under Asset Management

Note: All Paragraph fields will be available only in the Underlying data and cannot be used in Filters and Group by.

Important Note: We will be rolling out different items under Additional Fields in Analytics in a phased manner by 3rd week of November


Business rule for change forms with asset-based conditions
: IT Service Management

Users can now customize their change management process based on assets. Support for attached asset based conditions is now available in Business rules for change forms.


Create tickets from messages within Microsoft Teams
Category: IT Service Management

Introducing the capability to create tickets from direct messages within MS Teams. No more switching tabs or tools to create new tickets.

With your Servicebot/Virtual Agent in Microsoft Teams you can now create new tickets from your existing messages in Teams Groups and Chats. For any message, select the message action "Create a ticket" to capture the user's message as a ticket in Freshservice.

Create new tickets quickly and easily without having to switch in and out of your Microsoft Teams environment.

Note: This feature will be available for only Enterprise customers on Oct 30, 2021.

Important: Please note that this feature will be available by the end of last week of November,2021.





Edit deactivated agents/requesters profiles
: IT Service Management

Edit the profiles of deactivated agents and requesters from the Admin settings.



Edit user profiles right from Freshservice
Category: IT Service Management

All users with “Manage Agents” and “Edit Requesters” access enabled can edit user profiles right from Freshservice. All changes made will reflect instantaneously on the Freshworks Organization profiles.



Cross-Project Task Views
: Project Management

Users can now visualize all project tasks across their entire portfolio of projects in both kanban and list views. Users will no longer need to switch context between multiple projects to see relevant tasks.

  1. All project Kanban board: Ability to see cross-project tasks in a customizable kanban “Board” view. Earlier only the “list” view was available.


  1. Task slider view within the “Project Tasks” page - Seamless task view and task edit functions in the cross-project task list view, using the task slider. Put an end to opening tasks in new tabs and reduce context switching.


  1. Column customization in “project tasks” - Now users can customize their columns in both the list and the board view. 

3.a: Column customization in “List view” - Users can choose default as well as custom attribute fields for the column customization.


3.b: Column customization in “board” view - Users can add a custom column in the cross-projects kanban board. 


  1. Advanced filters inside “project tasks” - Users can now apply filters based on custom drop-down attributes in the Project Tasks page in both list and board views.


Note: These enhancements are already live for Pro and Enterprise customers.

Auto-population of product/software descriptions
Category: IT Asset Management

The description field during PO creation will be automatically populated with descriptions saved for the product/software that you select. The descriptions can be edited further as needed.



View paths to root nodes
: IT Asset Management

In large relationship maps, you’d want to quickly view the parent asset mapped to specific assets. You can now hover over an asset to quickly view the path to its root node.



Asset activities enhancements to capture relationship updates
IT Asset Management

Note: This enhancement will be rolled out by the end of this month for accounts on the latest version of asset activities. Accounts in the older version of asset activities will be migrated to the new version by the end of this quarter.

Asset activities will now capture all changes (creation, updation, deletion) to asset relationships with an enhanced user experience including:

  • The nature of the relationship (Upstream/Downstream) is captured for all new relationships created or updated.

Note: This information will be available only for activities captured post-rollout of this enhancement. 

  • The asset, department, or users with which the relationship is created is linked directly to their details page. 


Include Attachments placeholder for Ticket Workflows
: Workflows/Automation

Send emails to third-party vendors or other agent groups and include the ticket attachments using this placeholder to help collaborate with complete context.



VMWare Cloud Discovery
Category: Workflows/Automation

We now have a dedicated marketplace app for VMWare Cloud Discovery. Here you can discover and manage virtual assets across VMware Vcenter accounts and sync them to Freshservice CMDB.

The resources discovered include:

  • Hosts

  • Instances (Virtual Machines)

  • Volumes (Disks)

More details here







Note: This feature will be available on Oct 31th, 2021.


Orchestration center updates
Category: Workflows/Automation

  1. New Orchestration Apps 

AWS S3 - Invoke actions on AWS S3 buckets and Objects. For example, you can now configure workflows to replicate an object within a dedicated S3 bucket automatically. Installation guide and Use-case documentation here.

SSH -  Execute SSH commands on an On-premise Linux server/host using the SSH app for Orchestration. Installation guide documentation here

  1. Orchestration App Enhancements

Slack -  Add users to multiple channels using the slack app for Orchestration.

AWS EC2 - Attach and detach Volumes using AWS EC2 app.

Workplace - Add users to multiple groups and perform user-based actions like create, update and delete.

Jira - Additional attribute for Inline attachment support in creating issue action.

Google sheets - Additional attribute to wrap cell text in insert row value action.

Microsoft AD

 Perform the following actions in MS AD:

  • Get user details by email

  • Move the user to another Organisational unit 

  • Move an object to a location specified by GUID.

Azure AD

Perform the following actions in Azure AD:

  •  Check User is Part of Group by Username 

  •  Check User is Part of Group by User ID

  •  Get Group Membership Of User By Username

  •  Remove User from Groups by User ID


 Create/Update user action in the following additional fields:

  • Employee ID  

  • Job Title

  • Work/Home- phone, cell, street address, city, state, country, postal code. 

Automatic reminder for stakeholders in employee onboarding
Enterprise service management

With automatic reminders in new employee onboarding, admins can schedule email reminders to stakeholders at selected intervals till the time an action is taken and can eliminate the need for manually triggering reminder emails.

Use the checkbox right below the email body configuration to: 

  • Set an auto-reminder to relevant stakeholders for their pending action or inputs

  • Key in the interval hours at which the reminder emails should be scheduled to the inbox of the stakeholders


Support for multi-select in employee onboarding
Enterprise service management

Employee onboarding forms can be exhaustive and the nature of some questions demand multiple answers from the listed choices. With the multi-select option, you can create a list of choices in the multi-dropdown field to choose from and empower the users to select multiple options.



Autofill exact matches in employee onboarding
Enterprise Service Management

Forms that involve multiple stakeholder inputs sequentially are tied back to the same onboarding request and have repetitive fields. With the autofill launch, the data is automatically filled across the stakeholder forms based on the field name match for text, dropdowns, and paragraph fields. 


Business Function Group
Enterprise service management

Every agent group has unique use cases and requirements. With the business function field in the agent group creation form, you can get access to function-specific best practices, tips, and business use cases that can be automated using Freshservice.



Was super excited to see the Teams Chat Create-A-Ticket feature until I read it was limited to Enterprise accounts. Any plans to offer this to we lesser folk in the future?

Otherwise nice batch of updates!

The Teams ticket creation piece looks really great.  If you could rethink the license, possible offering it to Pro would be appreciated.

Very excited to see the enhancements to the project module.

Really disappointing to see that bugs I have reported at the beginning of the year continue to go unresolved. Equally disappointing is limiting the create a ticket from Teams feature to Enterprise licenses. I echo the sentiment from previous comments -- The license needs to be revaluated.

I am grateful for many of the enhancements coming. Thanks to the team for your hard work. I appreciate the reminder emails for onboarding the most but that process still needs love.

Really disappointing to see that you will need an enterprise license to take advantage of the teams ticket creation feature. Would love to see this in Pro and have a better reason for utilizing the service bot. Will that even be a consideration?

Some of these new features will come in handy for my existing workflows especially the include attachments placeholder and custom approval pages. Unfortunately there are still features that are broken to the point of being completely unusable with freshservice such as form and service item business rules. I’m hoping there will be more emphasis on fixing these key features.

The enterprise only create a ticket feature is extremely disappointing. This really should be a Pro feature at minimum.


I strongly urge a reconsideration of this.

The create a ticket from Teams feature would be very useful to smaller organizations as they might not have enough processes implemented and might be required to be more agile than larger organizations and communicate more by chat. 

This feature is a great one and it’s sad to see it limited to Enterprise only. 

@levi.eriksson  @iammrbt  @tgennare  @patricksawyer  @pOttenbacher 

Thank you for your interest. Happy to let you know that agents will be able to use the “create a ticket” message extension on all plans.

If a requester tries to use the message extension, then it won’t work on plans other than enterprise.

We are in the final stages of approval from Microsoft and likely will be able to release the feature by Oct 28th


Pleased to see VMware Cloud Discovery is now available for asset management. Hopefully this is a free app provided by FreshWorks, like several others??

@manas.shukla Thank you for the clarification! This is really helpful.

@VincentD I have come to realize that their goal is to see how many features they can release by quantity, and not really care about how functional items are once released.

@Slawlor - Yes, you’re right. :)
VMware Vcenter Cloud Discovery app can be installed free of cost from the Freshworks marketplace. (Admin → Apps→ Search for ‘VMware’).

I know it’s probably early, but the Teams > More Actions > Create FreshService Ticket is now live in Teams, the only issue is that it only works about 10% of the time, the rest of the attempts result in “Unable to reach app. Please try again.”

We’ve let our techs know but it would be nice if it’s not made available until it actually works. How will be notified when it’s actually functioning? Do we just have to come back here to this post every day for an  update or will a notification be posted somewhere specifically to let us know the Teams Create Ticket feature is now live and working?

@Vishal Nema are there any updates on the Teams to Tickets functionality? Still not working for us and not sure how to be alerted when it’s officially released and working. 


p.s. is it working for anyone else? For the past 2 weeks it has worked occasionally for us, but not consistently and only for internal users in our tenant, never for any External or Guest users.

Hey @phodgkinson got the confirmation from the team that this functionality is released now. If you are still facing the issue, please raise a support ticket.

cc @manas.shukla 

We have multiple tenants under one main account. Is it possible for me to select or change which tenant I want the ticket created in?