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Freshservice Release notes of 2021.R11L.01

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Note: All the features/enhancements below will be available on Blossom, Starter, Garden, and Growth plans on Nov 16th. For Estate, Pro, Forest, and Enterprise plans it will be available on Nov 30th.



Tag and Keyword support for Solution Articles
Category: IT Service Management

The Freshservice Virtual Agent can easily retrieve the most appropriate solution articles for a user query, and is also used to rank those articles in order of relevance. It now understands the text present in the “tags” and “keywords” fields of a solution article. 

Tags and keywords improve the chances for a target article to appear for a query, if it was not appearing for the same query earlier. It can also improve the rank of an article in the search results compared to the other documents, if required. Learn more


Note: This feature is available for all enterprise accounts in all regions. Right now, it only understands English language text.

Project planning - Gantt enhancements
Category: Project Management

Users can experience an enhanced planning functionality of new-gen project management using gantt visualization. This will be available at a cross-project level and at various time intervals i.e. weekly, monthly and quarterly.


We have also introduced the ability to add work items directly inside the Gantt page to enable users to plan and execute work more efficiently.




Advance filter in project kanban boards
Category: Project Management

Users can now find, view and manage specific work items in a more intuitive fashion. We have improved our “All Projects” view by introducing new filter options such as Versions, Story Points, Subprojects, and Sprints as well as introducing the ability for users to group work items by Projects in the Cross project Kanban view.



Discovery Probe Enhancements
Category: IT Asset Management

Introducing enhancements to the discovery probe to:

  • Support for automatic activation of previously suspended discovery probe, when the associated Freshservice account gets reactivated

  • Improve SCCM probe's device sync and fix asset duplication issues with the same serial number


Integrate with more apps for SaaS management
Category: IT Asset Management

We now support integrations with DocuSign, Smartsheet and Box to track and manage their usage right within Freshservice.

  • DocuSign: Track users using DocuSign, understand usage frequency, identify inactive users for de-provisioning based on logins as well as creating/updating of files. Learn more

  • Smartsheet: Track the number of sheets created and owned by smart Smartsheet users and identify inactive users for de-provisioning. Learn more

  • Box: Track users using Box, understand usage frequency and identify inactive users for de-provisioning based on logins as well as creating/updating of files. Learn more

Note: These integrations require the SaaS management add-on. Learn more


Exercise greater control over alert-incident dependencies with alert rules automations
Category: IT Operations Management

Choose the extent to which incidents are influenced by changes in the status and severity of associated alerts. By default, Freshservice automatically upgrades incident priority to reflect the increase in the severity of the associated alert. Similarly, a resolved incident automatically reopens when the associated alert reopens. However, you can choose to disable these automations. 

Learn more about how to disable automatic reopening of an incident when an associated alert reopens.

Learn more about how to automatically update incident priority based on alert severity.


Manage access credentials using credential store

Category: Workflows/Automation

Managing access credentials to authenticate requests to third-party tools is a productivity killer. Admins have to constantly update token changes manually across all the workflows, which is time-consuming. With the centralized credential store:

  • Manage and reference your credentials easily while triggering webhooks or invoking web requests nodes.

  • Update your changes in the credentials store and have them reflected across all the workflows.

  • Perform any third-party calls irrespective of the authentication mechanism like OAuth 2.0, API key, and much more. Learn more


Request for customization in service request forms 

Category: Workflows/Automation

Empower your admins to customize the "Request for" field in the service request form by applying specific conditions to filter out the requesters. This helps to create a service item requested for users only from a specific department or location.


Identity field in custom objects

Category: Workflows/Automation

Introducing the Identity field for representing object records. With Identity fields, you can now look up standard and custom objects within object fields or service request forms. Learn more

Note: This feature is currently in beta and will be available on Nov 30th, 2021 for the new custom objects created.





Lookups to custom objects within SR forms

Category: Workflows/Automation

Save time and effort by creating custom objects and referencing them as lookup dropdowns in service request forms. Fetch contextual information from users by creating a field dependency dropdown within service request forms. Learn more

Note: This feature is currently in beta and will be available on Nov 30th, 2021 for the new custom objects created.





New orchestration apps
Category: Workflows/Automation

Twilio - Send messages (SMS, MMS) and initiate programmable calls from Twilio via the workflow automator. For example, send an instant SMS notification for a high-priority incident. 

Learn more

Trello - Perform actions on Users, Boards, Cards, and Organisations. Manage your team projects using the Trello app for Orchestration. Learn more


Orchestration App Enhancements

Category: Workflows/Automation

MS Teams - Add users to multiple teams and channels using MS Team app for orchestration. 


Freshdesk-Freshservice out of the box integration 

Category: Apps/Integrations

Users can automate repetitive tasks on Freshdesk and assign or prioritize requests in Freshservice from Freshdesk using workflow automator. Users can also measure and monitor the volume of tickets coming from customer support teams on Freshservice. The out-of-the-box integration is quick and easy to set up for your customer support teams on Freshdesk and internal teams on Freshservice. Learn more


Approvals in restricted groups

Category: Enterprise Service Management
Users can experience enhanced security in restricted groups with the launch of approvals. Approvals allows the group leaders to track and approve any changes in group memberships like adding a new member, disabling group leader’s approval for group membership changes, granting group leader access, disabling and deleting the restricted group.

Note: The approval delegation feature does not apply to restricted groups.


Prefill service item fields in employee onboarding 

Category: Enterprise Service Management

Minimize time spent on filling forms and fill some of the obvious fields, using the Prefill fields option. Every new employee is offered a set of items during the onboarding process and it is often predefined based on conditions like employment type, location or department. This enhancement helps pre-fill service item fields with attributes such as role, purpose etc. based on the predefined conditions within the onboarding kit. 


Hi Team,

Thanks for this update, lots of good stuff. I find the following URL broken:*m0yo0y*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE2MzI5MDExNjQuRUFJYUlRb2JDaE1JOFltTTdkYWo4d0lWd2dDaUF4MmFpQXppRUFBWUFTQUJFZ0pkMFBEX0J3RQ..

Please have it fixed, really exited for this feature!

Best regards,


We have fixed the link :) 

A lot of nice features on this update, I can’t wait to test all of this :)

@keefe.andrews - Please have a look at these, Keefe. Let me know if you find anything interesting

I’m excited about the enhancements to the projects module.  :-)  Now if you would just fix the bug that prevents me from assigning project licenses I’d be all set. :-(

Such a shame the Prefill service item fields in employee onboarding feature hasnt included the prefill of the Department field and date fields within a Service item from the 1st stakeholder form (Commonly filled out by HR).


Its very time consuming having to select the same department for each service item.



I absolutely hate the new ticket interface. Give me back single-click access to my ticket list, and stop making me hover & click! Nobady in my org has any use for the “board” view. 
Also: Your newest “upgrade” has broken the ability to open tickets in a new tak; I can’t right-click on them anym ore? Any chance you’ll fix this, or do we need to start looking for a new helpdesk? Stop taking this stuff away!!! Like it’s not difficult enough already, trying to train new agents remotely???

@RevJC We understand how remote work has made us succumb to new normal hence our team has already taken your feedback. We will appreciate your patience while we are working toward improving the experience for you.