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Freshservice Release notes of 2021.R12L.01

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Important update: We have updated the release timelines of the “Increase in email attachment size limit” on 4th Jan 2022. This enhancement will be available on 31st Jan' 22 instead of 05th Jan’22.

Note: All the features/enhancements below will be available on Blossom, Starter, Garden, and Growth plans on Dec 15th. For Estate, Pro, Forest, and Enterprise plans it will be available on Jan 05th.



Set & Remove Options in Business Rules for Change Forms
Category: IT Service Management

Users can now set or remove specific value(s) from any dropdown based on conditions using “Set and Remove” options in business rules for change forms. 

Use the ”Set” option to set a particular field value or values and use the “Remove” option to delete any value(s) from any field dropdown.
Whenever a new change is created, the set or remove option will be applied based on the condition.



Kanban Board for Tickets
: IT Service Management

Kanban board gives a holistic view of workflow based on ticket lifecycle. Rapidly identify, evaluate and prioritize work by visualizing complex tickets set in stages for better collaboration and iteration:

  • Improve visibility across teams through a holistic view of tickets in different stages at a glance

  • Track ticket lifecycle and optimize your workflow by alleviating bottlenecks

  • Set workload limit for different stages to prioritize work

  • View ticket lifecycle stages to facilitate smooth progression



Table view for Tickets
: IT Service Management

The ticket table view - refresh encapsulates a robust and clutter-free user experience with a modern user interface. Agents can fully perceive information in fewer clicks through a customizable view & consistent visual elements.
More details here

Important Note: Ticket table view-refresh will be rolled out in a phased manner starting from 15th December 2021.


Approvals Widget on Dashboard
Category: IT Service Management

Users can quickly access their pending tickets and change approvals using the newly added “My Pending Approvals” widget on the dashboard. On clicking the widget, all the approvals that need an action will be displayed in a list along with a short description. Users can approve or reject any request immediately, saving a lot of their time and effort.

Along with pending approvals in list view, users can also view their historic approvals in a separate tab next to it making it easier for them to access all past approval data.


CSAT Enhancement
: IT Service Management

Admins can now configure whether to display a CSAT survey button or a survey question inside the survey mail to ensure a response from your end customers. The survey button or question will be placed at the end of the mail. Admin can select any one question from the questionnaire and the responses to it will be saved as a survey response.


Increase in email attachment size limit
Category: IT Service Management

We have increased the limit of email attachment files from 25MB to 40MB. Users can now share and receive bigger files in their tickets, problem, change, release, and project modules thereby experiencing an enhanced sharing option.

Note: This enhancement will be available on 31st Jan 2022


Project and Project Tasks association with ITIL entities
Category: Project Management 

Now project members can associate existing tickets, problem, change, and assets with the projects and project tasks in new-gen project management.

More details: Link



You can track these associations inside the project task slider. 


Gantt Enhancements
Category: Project Management 

  • Now users can quickly create Tasks this includes custom task types as well, Sub-tasks, and Epics (in case of software projects) right from the Gantt planning.


  • Now users can plan holistically with this new Gantt enhancement. It will provide the ability to view tasks and their subsequent sub-tasks in Gantt on a monthly, weekly, and quarterly basis. 


Custom Objects Enhancements for Employee Onboarding and Reader conditions 
Category: Enterprise service management

Users can now use custom objects as the data source while creating single and multi-select dropdowns within employee onboarding forms. 


Improvements to SaaS Management
: IT Asset Management

  • In review status: With “In review” status software users can move discovered applications to an intermediate status after which a decision can be made on whether they will be actively managed in the inventory or not.

  • Identify recognized software: With the automatic matching of newly discovered software with existing entries in the vendor catalog, we enable quick identification of priorly recognized software in your ecosystem.


  • Insights dashboard: The dashboard in your Software module gives a bird’s eye view of your discovered, “In review”, and “Managed” software. We have added two new insights Current spend and Potential spend to enable better cost optimization efforts.


  • Quick contract creation: When contracts have no contract value mapped against them, the “+Add” button enables you to create one right from the software list page.


  • Onboarding experience: We’ve improved the onboarding experience with a simple 4 step process to follow to get a SaaS management process up and running.



Discovery Probe 4.9.0 Enhancements
IT Asset Management

  • To improve consistency in the device data being fetched from SCCM for new additions and updates, the Discovery Probe will now always fetch device data from SCCM regardless of the last hardware scan time. (LastHWScan)

  • Fixed user sync issues for user details which were fetched as empty.


Workflow Automator Enhancements
Category: IT Operations Management

Condition node can now support all condition operators (in addition to is empty / is not empty) for all fields returned by the reader node based on their type.



Orchestration - New apps and enhancements
Category: IT Operations Management

New Orchestration Apps

  • Webex Teams: Perform operations on Webex Teams using the orchestration app in Workflow Automator. Learn more

  • Azure Blob Storage: Invoke actions on Azure Storage Containers and Blobs using the Azure Blob Storage app for Orchestration. Learn more

  • Adobe Sign: Perform actions for document management and user management on Adobe Sign. Learn More

Orchestration App Enhancements

Following actions are now supported for Slack channels:

  • Set Topic

  • Set Purpose


MSP support for Virtual Agent in MS Teams
: Apps / Integrations

Admins can now enable the virtual agent for MSP accounts on the enterprise plan to serve multiple accounts within the same company.

More details here


Search APIs
Category: Apps / Integrations

Users can now search tickets, assets, etc. through the Search APIs option available for smooth data transactions. Check the API documentation for details. 


Access marketplace application gallery faster
Category: Apps / Integrations

The marketplace app gallery is placed as one of the many options available to the admin. As a result, the discoverability of the application gallery is severely limited. We have now brought the application menu to a prominent global location to improve discoverability.

The app menu will be available globally across all pages only for admins. An admin can either browse the listed applications or go to the developer portal to build their app.



Reporting support for Multiselect dropdowns

The analytics module now supports reporting on multi-select dropdowns across Incident, Changes, and Service Request.

Note: Reporting support for multi-select lookups is not available. 


Setup direct redirection to SSO on Freshworks login page
Category: Platform

If you have password-based login and SSO enabled for your organization, you can ensure that your employees are taken to the SSO page directly without landing on an intermediate page that offers both password and SSO login options.

You can set this up from Admin > Helpdesk security to set this up for your entire account or Admin > Portals to set this up for specific portals. Enable the Redirect users to SSO by default toggle and pick the SSO method they have to be redirected to.

Note: If users need to choose a login method, they can do so from



I’d like to prevent my hd agents to set ticket as closed and let customers accept or not the solution. According their choices, the ticket will be closed or turned back to opened (ticket also closed if no answer from customer).


Actually, I’m not sure to understand the 1st enhancement.
Does that mean that actually I’ll be able to remove the “Closed” states in the ticket state combo ?

Many thanks,


Very happy to see the “Setup direct redirection to SSO on Freshworks login page” enhancement and the project enhancements.

Hi @fredddd,

“Set & Remove Options in Business Rules for Change Forms” this enhancement is for change forms.

But the similar set and remove options also exist for the ticket forms. As an admin, you should be able to remove "closed" state from the list of available options for Agents using the ‘Remove’ option under Actions section and also set the condition as hardware under Conditions section (as shown in the image). That way you can prevent your agents from closing the Tickets.



Most of this looks good. Couple things I’m confused about though with the new ticket list view:

  • Why is there an ‘apply filters’ button now on the new ticket list view? At the moment the list updates as you select filters which seems much more intuitive?
  • I don’t understand why you’re removing words (Like Export, or canned responses) and replacing them with icons. These buttons aren’t taking up too much space, it just seems like you’re doing it just because you can? From my perspective who lives in Freshservice, not that bothered. But it does make the learning curve a lot harder for those who use it less frequently.

@jake.carden Hi Jake,

We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. Please see below:

  • To improve the performance and fetch results faster from the database, we have introduced the "apply filter" button. Earlier, when agents added filter parameters, data transactions happened sequentially with each parameter. 

    With the apply filter button, agents can now add all the parameters, and the data transaction will happen once for all after hitting "apply filter." This will not only save time but accelerate the performance of the application.

  • We support multiple languages on the Freshservice agent-facing interface; language change impacts the real estate used for the component. To bring consistency, we have introduced icons instead of text.

However, we always aim to deliver an extraordinary experience to all of our customers (irrespective of frequency they use Freshservice), and your feedback has been passed to our Product team for further discussion. 

still not fixed the bug on the score-cards at the dashboard.

Cant save changes when setting the “highlight” to “greater than 0”.

Only works from “greater than 1” and more, but i want to get a highlight when the filter fits first.

Please fix it

Hi @TGehmert

Thank you for bringing this to our attention We are sorry to hear about your experience. Could you help raise a ticket on to fix this? If you have already raised the ticket, I would request you to help me with ticket ID to take this forward.

Any update on the table ticket view updates? We’re now ~50 days past the start of deployment and no word when these updates will occur

Hi @andrew.belter The rollout process has started on the 15th of December 2021, and it is ongoing in batches now. You will soon experience the new table view on your account if not already. Meanwhile, our Product team is also working on feedbacks provided by customers to enhance their interaction with the module.

PS. To expedite this, if you could help with you account details and contact information, I  will keep you posted on the same.

the SN description field is string OOB. It can be switched to html but then there are scroll bars if there are inline images (it also seems a bit buggy with Agent Workspace). I find the activity stream to cluttered and not wide enough in Agent Workspace. The agent also has to click show more to get the body of incoming emails snoop dogg