Get ready for the next generation of Freddy AI with GPT on Freshchat.

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Get ready for the next generation of Freddy AI with GPT on Freshchat.

Announcing the Beta program for multiple features powered by GPT in Freshchat

We are excited for you to get hands-on and provide us with feedback: What do you like? What more do you want to see from us? How are these capabilities transforming your customer service?

Starting today, you can sign up for the Beta features powered by Freddy AI on Freshchat and access these features:

  • Summarize Conversations: Support agents can view an automatic summary of customer conversations to gain context rather than read through an entire conversation before responding.
  • Rephrase Responses: Support agents can replace casual language with more formal and clear responses.
  • Autocomplete Content: With predictive sentence completion, support agents can save keystrokes and respond faster to customer inquiries.
  • Generate Articles: Support agents can save time by creating contextual knowledge-base articles and FAQs using generative AI and simple prompts.


This feature is currently in beta version and is available for select accounts on Freshchat. Sign up for the beta program here


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Our Chief Product Officer shares the story behind bringing GPT to Freddy AI on an interesting blog.

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