Multilingual support for the new Knowledge Base is now available!

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Hello everyone,

You might have recently read about a major update to Freshdesk knowledge base. We are here again as we promised with the complete version being rolled out with the much-improved Multilingual capabilities. 

One portal, 40+ languages

Create knowledge base in multiple languages to provide seamless customer experience to your global audience across geographies - in a language of their choice.

Global language selector

With the new language selector, your team will be able to focus on a specific language and get a view of the entire Knowledge Base in the selected language.

Global Language Selector - Freshdesk Knowledge Base

Manage content coverage efficiently

Remove the tedious task of managing and measuring the coverage for every language. You will be able to see the exact set of articles that needs to be translated with the untranslated article view. 

Untranslated article list - Freshdesk Knowledge Base

Keep content up-to-date

Every article in your knowledge base goes through various updates. Keeping track of it and updating them across languages is super critical. The answer is simple - focus on the outdated article view. 

Outdated article list - Freshdesk Knowledge Base

View master content in a click

Refer to the master content while translating an article to ensure consistency in content. You can resize the widget to fit your needs and move them around anywhere on the screen. 

View master content - Freshdesk Knowledge Base

And of course, Refreshing new UI

A complete redesign of the Knowledge Base to make it intuitive, seamless, user-friendly and powerful.

Note: It should be available in your accounts soon but if you want your hands on it earlier, just drop a message below. 

- Sajesh

Please enable this for our account

Could you please enable this for my account? All our support is multilingual so this is very interesting to us.


Could you pls enable in our account? >

Thanks in advance!

Please enable this for our account, thx!

Please enable for our account -

We would like this enabled for our account too, please.

We have enabled the new Knowledge Base for all of you who had requested. We would love to hear your feedback after you try it out. 

Thanks! Looking good so far!

Could you please enable it again in our account?

Hello, Could you please enable it for our account? 

Yvo & Mohamed - We have enabled the new Knowledge Base for your accounts. Feel free to share your comments once you give it a try. 

Alexander, the new Knowledge Base is already available in your account. In case you are looking for the multilingual capabilities, it should be available from Garden plan. You can choose to trial the higher plan by clicking on 'Explore your plan' on the top right corner and experience it. Let me know how it goes. 

Missing the useful UI when we are able to see as an overview on what is translated and what is not, without changing the interface from language to another language. 

Please enable this feature to our account, thank you!

Could you please enable this on my account?

Thank you.

Ruta and Bernaert - The new Knowledge Base is already available in your accounts. I am waiting to hear your feedback on the same once you take it for a spin. 

Congrats about this new feature.

I would just require some different or alternate behavior when an article translation is missing. 

Instead of only displaying a warning + a link to fallback to primary language, it would be nice if both can be displayed at the same time : 

In my business, there is some folders of our Knowledge base for which having translated articles is not really useful.

We do not want to translate these folders content, but we do not want to force the user to click each time.

In Microsoft Knowledge base, there is a warning + automatic translation, but that would be the next step ...

I hope that my explanation was clear enough.

May you please enable at my account? Thanks!

Thanks Jérôme. I am assuming you are talking about the customer portal and we have an existing integration with Google Translate which will introduce a widget allowing users to change to the required language. You can read more about it here:

However, if you are already having multilingual Knowledge Base, the ideal way is to have required translation on each language. You can read more about setting it up here:

@Arnau - The new KB is enabled for your account.

Thanks Sajesh for your feedback.

I have read and tested again this feature

But, maybe I was not clear enough on my original post.

I DO NOT want to have to translate every articles, and I would like to avoid unnecessary click.

See attached images comparing current behavior and suggested behavior