Release Notes - 03 April 2020

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  • Agents: You can now deactivate agents in Freshservice , navigate to Admin -> Agent -> Agent Name -> Deactivate Agent. Know more


  • Requester Groups: You can now search for requesters from different departments or locations and add them to the requester group. Know more 


Requester Groups APIV2: 


  • Users can now create and update requester groups created manually via the following APIs. 


  • Users can now also view, list and delete requester groups created manually and by conditions via the following APIs .

 Know more 


  • Contracts:  Introduce option to 'Auto-Renew' contracts.

 IT Teams have many subscription agreements with vendors such as SaaS vendors which do not expire and instead renews periodically (monthly, yearly...etc). To keep track of such agreements, we are introducing the option to set contracts as Auto-Renewing. 


Upon reaching the end date of the contract, the contract is automatically renewed for the same period of the original contract and this continues until the contract is manually terminated. 


Contract managers can set contract renewal reminders to make sure they are on top of all the renewals. 


Discover Probe v4.3.0


  • SNMP Scanning: Introduced support for scanning network devices with SNMP V3 credentials


  • Software: You can now edit the properties tab for the software


  • Sandbox: Users can now test out their asset workflows in sandbox.


  • Workflow Automator: Users can now add the service catalog item as an event node in workflow automator


  • Form fields: Now, admins configure the “Date” field in ticket forms to request for time information 


  • Account: The “Account" page now shows the date center details for your account in the sidebar. Navigate to Admin -> Accounts


  • Knowledge Base: The knowledge base now has a separate section called “Insights” that gives them insights about the least helpful article


  • Table View: Now agents can freeze columns in the table view for tickets, problems, changes and releases so that they don’t lose context while scrolling


  • Knowledge Base: Now users can add keywords to their solution articles for easy search.


  • Asset Workflows: Users can now use the “Send Email” action to notify the agent/ requester


  • Workflow Automator: Users can now use the “Send Email to Requester” action to notify the requester


  • Contracts: The new and edit contract forms pages have been updated for better usability



  • Discover Probe v4.3.0: In the Probe UI, in all pages with a list of devices/IP Ranges...etc, the last item was hidden in the UI. This has been fixed.


  • Knowledge base: Fixed an issue where the number of times the article was inserted in tickets count didn’t increase.

  • Service catalog: Fixed an issue where requesters were thrown an error while searching for a service item.


  • Sandbox: Fixed an issue where the sync failed in sandbox incase an approval was sent


  • Portal: Fixed an issue where the Freshworks  switcher failed to redirect when the portal was configured using Cname.


  • Agent Dashboard: Fixed an issue where there was a mismatch in the data displayed on the dashboard 


  • Knowledge base: Fixed an issue where users were unable to edit articles due to the missing edit icon


  • Projects: Fixed an issue were tasks alerts weren’t being triggered. 


  • Change Planning: Fixed an issue where the description in the change planning sections weren’t getting displayed


  • Agent: Fixed an issue where the agent was automatically removed from the CAB groups each time the agent group was updated



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