Idea Suggestion - Arcade. Allow uploading of our own badge images

  • 1 March 2021
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The arcade feature is a great way to get some friendly competition going between agents.

However, the limited badge graphics really aggravate me! 

I wanted to make tiers to each ‘statistic’ level reached. EG; Resolve 50 tickets, resolve 100 tickets, resolve 500, etc etc
That’s fine I can do this - however I have to choose a different badge graphic. This doesn't make much sense, that I have a badge called Telephone Master, but it has a symbol of a cup of coffee because I already used the phone icon badge.

A feature allowing us to either upload our own images (Constrain it to a set dimensions to prevent abuse of file sizes etc). This would allow me to create a ‘Telephone’ graphic that’s bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond etc.


Use preset badges we have already but allow usage of the same badge for multiple achievements. Maybe even an option to shift the hue of said badge to allow differentiating the ‘levels’ if you are doing that kind of thing.

1 reply

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Hi @gary.carter, I hope you are doing well today. 


An option to add your custom badges or re-use the badges for different quests would be a great add-on to the arcade functionality, Gary. Thank you for bringing this up. 


We are constantly taking up feedbacks to check with our product team to see if we can bring these up as features. Likewise, let me pass this on to our team to check the feasibility and also keep you posted on the updates as this is not currently possible.