Using Workflow Automator when a Task is Assigned

  • 24 June 2020
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I am trying to create an automatic workflow for when I create a task assigned to a specific ticket.  I only want an email to be sent to one person, and not everyone that is currently assigned to the specific group in which the ticket resides.  

For example, I have a ticket assigned to the Fleet group.  I then add a task to that ticket, that is assigned to a specific person.  Currently how things sit, the person the task was assigned directly to receives an email notification and additionally all the employees in the Fleet group also receive an email notification informing them of the task creation and assignment.  I would like to only have the person the task was assigned to get an email, and not everyone from the group.  

In the Workflow Automator I cannot see where i can choose specific email notification rules once a task is assigned, which is where I had assumed I should try to place my workflow. 


1 reply

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Hi Whitney,

We are in the process of building “Task Automations” as an upcoming native feature in Freshservice. Once this is implemented, you should have native events in such a way that if “Task is Created/Updated” and we can have actions such as “Send email to - Assigned Agent” or something similar to this.

We will pass your feedback to our Product team and we’d keep the thread posted with updates. Have raised an internal request for the same :


Pranav B

Team Freshservice