Web Request in Workflow, waiting for Web Request Response

  • 6 October 2021
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Hi all,

with the new Web-Request Node, in the Workflow-Automater, i create a Api-Call.

While testing, everything seems to be ok, i get response and data from the call.


Now the Automater is active, and is triggered when a new Ticket is created but

in the Ticket Activities the Automater stops at: Waiting for Event Web Request Response.

Are there some Waiting Limits?

Someone any idea?




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Hi @Stefan.Roll,

Good day!

Are there any errors in the workflow execution logs? Please navigate to Admin → Workflow Automator and open the affected workflow → Click on ‘Execution Logs’ on the top right. The API call-back URL, payload passes and response received will be shown there. This should help you identify and resolve the issue better.

If the issue persists, please help us with the name of the workflow and the affected ticket IDs so we can ask our support team to troubleshoot the issue further.


Warm Regards,
Team Freshservice

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Hello @sanofar.allahpichai 

thanks for your reply.

The error was on my side because I assumed that the placeholder for the ticket ID contains the pure number.

My API has checked for this. Which I sent in the header of the request to my API.

But as I noticed, the placeholder sends the ticket ID including the ticket type (INC, SR ...)

Now everything works as expected.

Best regards,


I’ve got the same message.

First time I trigger my workflow automation - everything goes fine. (I load details of an associated asset in order tos et correct SLA based on the asset connected to a ticket).

If I a few minutes later trig the same workflow It just stops with the error “ Workflow is waiting for another event Web Request Response”

If I look at the request log - I can only see the first successful call - not the second one that fails (or at least does not continue running after web call.) 
The call is to Fresh API (hardcoded asset id 15 for test purposes: ) 

As you can see in activities - the second call just ends with waiting for another event Web Request Response. (Below you can see the result of the previous identical call which succeeeded, 

Any Idea what I’m doing wrong?  


In the log - I can only see the first successful call:


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Hi @Jonas Toftefors 


i think, you get no response because calls to the Freshservice API requires your API key, not your User & Password authentication.
I dont know when you create your Account, is it after 31-Aug-2021?

Then you have to use API key for authentication.

Please look at:

Also i dont know, is it possible to use the Freshservice API inside Freshservice, i never used the API this way.

Maybe create a own thread for this.


Best regards



To call the APi in that way is possible , see 


I found a different solution for my problem. 

First i created a Reader (R2) using liquid + placehodlers to get the correct asset for my use case


then i created a Parser from Asset custom_field ({{R2.custom_fields}})

Previously I didn’t know that behind the scenes there are fields not selectable by placeholders that could be accessed using Readers and Parsers, but a wild guess turned out to be fruitful!

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Hi, @Jonas Toftefors 

Nice to hear that you solved your problem.

Hope if I come across the same thing, I'll remember it.