Ticket List Snippet

  • 1 October 2021
  • 5 replies

Is there a way to add fields to the ticket_list snippet? It would be great to be able to edit that and all snippets.

5 replies

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Hello @mbrandt2009,


Regarding your business requirements, can you please elaborate more on the same with relevant screenshots to help you accordingly? It would be great if you can let us know what ticket fields you are trying to add in your customer portal - ticket list view along with its purpose.


Thank you,

Freshworks Community Team 

I’ve attached a list of items my support manager wants. I can do the HTML if I can override the snippet code.


See attached PDF


Hello @mbrandt2009,

were you able to resolve your issue to add fields to the ticket_list snippet?

If yes, would you be able to share how you did this?



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I’m also looking for an answer to the same.

I wish to include the ticket type, portal/product name, and alter the created date to last modified, amongst other things.

I can write code to replace the snippet a make my own ticket list, but it doesn’t then work with the built in filters.

i am also looking to do this.  The ticket list of description and user who created it is not adequate for most people.  It seems like a simple thing to include new fields on the ticket list, can’t believe it’s not in there.