Tickets wont pop up again after getting status "Solved"

  • 19 September 2022
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Hi there,


we have a problem with solving tickets. When we answer a ticket and solve the problem, we give it the status “solved”. But now the customer answers to that ticket again with a new question and it wont pop up again as a new ticket, so we dont see the ticket and the customer gets no reply.


What do we do wrong? Thank you in advance.




1 reply

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Hi @Sascha  


Greetings from Freshworks Community! 


We understand that you are facing issues with tickets where the tickets are not getting reopened while the customer responds to a closed ticket and you are unable to keep track of the same, to troubleshoot this further, kindly login to your help desk, go to Admin → Automations → Tickets → Ticket updates → and check if the “Automatically reopen tickets when the customer responds” rule is turned on? 


If that is turned off, please turn it on and check if the tickets are getting reopened if the customer responds. 


I hope this helps.