Welcome to 12 Days of Refresh Community | Virtual meetups, AMAs, giveaways and more ❄️

  • 6 December 2021
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Welcome to 12 Days of Refresh Community | Virtual meetups, AMAs, giveaways and more ❄️
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Fa la la la la la... 

All is bright at the Refresh Community as we begin preparations for #12DaysOfRefreshSeason - a time to mix, mingle and make merry. 

In our quest to provide ample opportunities to network, learn and grow, we wanted to welcome the holiday season with 12 days of festivities that will help you do just that. From our first ever virtual meet-up to holiday tips & tricks (and lest I forget, an exciting giveaway), there is a lot in store for you.

Our Community Elf has been busy preparing the agenda for the next 12 days, take a look -

☕ Day 1: Academy X Community: Hangout with hot cocoa - Let’s talk about ‘Managing the customer rush during the holiday season.’

❓ Day 2: Ask the Expert - We are opening the floor to YOUR questions for our in-house Freshdesk specialist.

✍️ Day 3: Take part in a festive Challenge: Share your festive cookbook.

💻 Day 4: Stephen Mann is all set to host our first ever virtual meet-up. Are you ready? Know more here.

🎧 Day 5: Next stop: 5 hacks to wrap up the festive season rush. 

💡 Day 6: Delivered: Sales tips to get more this festive season.

📱 Day7: Wondering what some of the most popular e-commerce apps are during this time? We've got you covered.

✨ Day 8: #AskMicah - CX Expert, Micah Solomon will be answering your burning questions on dealing with upset customers LIVE. Get your questions in.

🏆 Day 9: Taking you behind the scenes for a quick preview of the Refresh Community team. Share your holiday team photo too!

🧨 Day 10: Take a look back at some of the key moments over the year 2021. Hint: You might be in it!

😂 Day 11: What's a holiday without memes? Here are our favorites!

🎄 Day 12: Closing the 12 days and the year with a delightful lucky draw that will put a smile on your face! 


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This page will be updated with links as the articles above go live.

7 replies

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Super pumped up for this holiday special!! :heart_eyes:


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Cannot think of a better way to ring in this festive cheer 🎉

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DAY 2 FTW! (only coz I like solving problems.) :grin::grin:

Brilliant stuff!

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What a lovely way to bring in the festivities! Really looking forward to them! :evergreen_tree:  

Love this. Cannot wait! :nerd:

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Appreciate all the positivity! 

Day 3 is live: The Community Challenge. Click here to get involved. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!  :bulb::pencil2: