How to merge Contacts in bulk

  • 1 August 2022
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How to merge contacts in bulk , Currently i need to merge contact one by one 

2 replies

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Hi @satyam2711


Greetings from the Freshworks community!


We understand that you would like to bulk merge contacts, In Freshdesk as of now we do not support merging contacts in bulk through the UI. However, you can achieve this by making use of an API call. 


This API documentation of Freshdesk for merging contacts will help you on the same:


I hope this helps. 

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There are two fundamental problems with how contacts are managed in relation to duplicates and merging:

  1. Contacts have to be manually sorted through page by page to identify duplicates - that is to say, there is no ability to pull up a list of contacts that are potentially duplicates, based on matching data fields like names, email address or telephone number for example
  2. In order to Merge contacts, you need to manually navigate into the contact, then click merge, then type the name of the contact again, then click merge. It’s way too manual. A UI that displays potential duplicates and allows the user to quickly select which should be merged and which should be the primary would be much more friendly.

Freshdesk has all the functionality you need to prevent duplicates in the first place if you properly make use of the unique identifier fields, but if you have the problem of duplicate contacts and you need to fix it, it is a long, arduous process. I am currently sorting through nearly 13,000 contacts manually to find and fix ~300 duplicates. This will take days.