Freshservice and Intune Asset Sidebar

  • 27 July 2022
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Greetings Freshworks community,


I have a problem with intune in freshservice see screenshot below:

In de sidebar of an asset there is an apps menu with intune option but as you can see it does not work.
Intune is setup properly following the guides and this is the only feature that doesnt work, 
What could be the problem here?



3 replies

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Was this working for you and it has now stopped working, or did it never work?

Are your Intunes sync events working?


Mine was working then I started getting the same message you are. However now if I hover over that message or hit refresh it just gives me an object/object message.  I’ve also noticed in the last few weeks that my Intunes sync fails every day. If I run it manually it will work but the daily sync fails. I’m not sure if the two are related or not.


This sidebar feature has never worked.


We do get sync errors from time to time like the one below:

The 2 syncs before this one worked but with some (user/setup)errors


It has been 2 months.


Does anybody have an update?
We still cant get intune to work in freshservice.
Our settings(API Key, Domein Name, Sub-Domein Name, Client ID and Secret Name) have not been changed since last time it worked.
We dont even get “Sync Failed” like in the screenshot i posted above now even tho we did not change anything.


We get the following errors:
“Failed to get the intune Fields, check the params”
“Failed to sync with the intune devices”