FreshService and Jamf School

  • 28 November 2022
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We must deploy freshservice for our 3000 students soon.

Our establishments are digital and our students work only on ipad.

These are administered and managed by jamf school version.

How can we deploy the application with the URL of our preconfigured instance?

We have the possibility to attach an XML file in Jamf but what to put in it?

Thanks for your help

8 replies




Can someone help me ?



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@rashmi.nag @alyssia.correa @Isaac Thomas who is best to help here? Thanks :)

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Hi @MaxEB. Thanks for your question. @Ammar KB would be able to help with this!

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Hi @MaxEB 

Hope you are well

This application would pull in the Assets into Freshservice from JAMF. You will just need to enter your Jamf URL and credentails:

-->After installation of Jamf, two webhooks will be added to jamf account. In Jamf Proper Policy should be added.

Policy in Jamf:
-->Whenever a computer check-in or mobile check-in occurs in Jamf, Policy is the one who pushes those asset changes to the FS with the help of webhooks that we have added in Jamf side after the integration is done.

-->When you manually edit a value in jamf, the synced asset in freshservice will not get updated. The only time it gets updated is when the inventory is updated on the device or when a mobile device checks in. In other words when the event "ComputerInventoryCompleted" or "MobileDeviceCheckIn" are fired. For those events to get fired to FS, policy should be set up properly in JAMF.

Hope this helps!

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Apologies, I missed attaching the Solution article for the same:,From%20the%20marketplace%20gallery%2C%20search%20for%20Jamf%20and%20click%20on,information%20from%20Jamf%20into%20Freshservice.


Hi Ammar,

You answered next to my question, or else I expressed myself badly.

What we want is to deploy freshservice on our iPads with our URL already configured. (see attachment 1 and 2)

Regarding connecting Jamf to fresh as you explained I encounter a syntax error when trying to connect (see attachment 3).

Thanks for your help. have a good day

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Hey @MaxEB

We probably might be able to do this with MDM, You can raise a support ticket with us. We’ve done this for Azure AD. Perhaps our Devs would be able to do this for Jamf too.

Apologies for not being of much help!

Have a good day!




We have the same issue here with Jamf and Freshservice app and it would be so cool if we can get the XML config to get our URL automaticly insert when the user start the app for the first time.

Hope you have the solution