How to migrate entire tickets with history from Jira to Freshservice ?

  • 19 October 2021
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Can any one share step by step guide for migration from Jira to Freshservice with entire tickets and history, without any third party tool.

Your solutions will be highly appreciated.

5 replies

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Still waiting for the reply with solution.



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Hi Hemal,

We don’t have a direct method for migrating data over from JIRA to Freshservice. We can import data using CSV file, however certain data as activity logs from JIRA would not be migrated. Please reach out to with the details so our team can help you with the instructions.


Team Freshservice.

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Hello Rajgopal,


Thanks for your reply. But I have found the solution by my own. We could able to migrate with Python script and with API call as well.




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Hi there, 


For those who don’t have any coding skills, an automated migration service is a better option. First of all, your entire ticket history transfers automatedly. Then you can tailor your data migration to the business needs.

For instance, when migrating from Jira to Freshservice, you can transfer agents, companies, contacts, tickets, categories, folders, and articles. Moreover, you can:

  • create the missing agent profiles

  • select a default agent for inactive or deleted agency

  • migrate your inline images as attachments

  • add tags to migrated tickets


I hope it might be useful in future issues.


Best regards, 


Any thoughts if you have to migrate data from Freshservice to Jira (JSM)? Without using a third party tool? thanks