Software Inventory - Notifications on Restricted software

  • 14 February 2022
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I’m checking our Software Inventory right now/. I was able to identify some restricted software. I'm just curious if how the notification worked? or is there any notification or process where i can see if there will be installation of restricted apps moving forward?


Best answer by rajagopal.baladhandayutham 10 March 2022, 09:03

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4 replies

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Hi @raymondcanilao We currently would need to manually update the software as restricted and track the installations within Software Inventory to view the list, there’s no notification or automation that is setup behind this at this point. We’ve taken up your feedback as feature request to our team and we’ll let you know once we have further updates.


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Hi Rajogopal,

I’m assuming, for now  I need to review regularly the list of restricted apps and check if there will be count detected in the installed/user columns then do necessary removal/uninstallation. I’m thinking maybe there will be feature soon that admin can be notified whenever there’s a installation detected.

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Hi @raymondcanilao Yes, right now this is a manual process. We also have a feature request for providing analytics for Software section which could also provide you the necessary information. I have logged a feature request ticket on your behalf with our support team to track the progress.

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@rajagopal.baladhandayutham Just checking the status of those feature requests that were made. Any way of getting an automated notification when restricted software shows up on a device?

Thank you!