How to delete tags and how to add several tags?

I have created some test tags to ticket. They appear in the filter at the left side, but now I would like to remove them. I remove them form the ticket but they are still visible in the filter.

Another question is how to add several tags to the ticket at once. I found that I need enter tag, press enter key and then tag option dissapear and I need click on tag tab again and repeat the same steps for the new tag. It would be great if I can enter tags with delimeter like comma or space.

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Hi Viktoria

Thanks for the feedback, we will bring the MANAGE TAGS option soon and also we will bring the option to assign Multiple Tags in Comma separated method.

We currently don't have the option to delete the tags, but if you can provide us with the list of tags, we will do this for you ASAP

Hi Vijay,

Thanks for fast reply. I created not so many, so will wait for this feature then. I am using Freshdesk as a trial just two days, and must say that although it have some imperfection but it's already better than most of the helpdesks and customer feedback softwares that I saw. You have a great potential, fix existing features, add some more most required, promote it, and you are one of the best :) I sincerely wish you a great success.
Not useful if i can't add several tags. Add it please 🙂

We need tag suggestion and Comma separated method ;-)

 Any ETA on the manage tags feature?  Last comment was 6 months ago.  This really would be a great addition to Freshdesk functionality.  I am looking forward to it.



The tagging option is very limited at the moment. No option to remove or mass-edit tags? Sounds a bit ridiculous!

The rest of the software seems very good at the moment.

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Hey Guys,

I am really sorry that we haven't really been responding well here. My sincere apologies. But we have been noting down all of your suggestions and feature requests and I assure you that improving the tags is one of our prime enhancements lined up in the pipeline. 

Please bear with us for a few more months. I will keep you updated on the progress. 

I totally understand how important proper tag management is for all of you. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. 



Once this feature has been implemented it would be great if there was reporting based on the tags set.

Reporting based on the tags set could be userful too!!

Checking on the status of this feature request?  Do we have any further details?

Any word on when the Manage Tags feature will be implemented?  Only being able to add one tag at a time is a really annoying process.

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Hello everyone,

The team is hard at work on improving the overall tag management. We are expecting to release it in a month or a little more than that. 

Thank you all for your support and love. Please keep writing to us.


We can add multiple tags at a time with the new ticket view!  Hooray!

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Thank you Marta! Good to see you happy! 

Great think. We are waiting for search on tags and work is complete :-)

I'd like to second the request for reporting based on tags!  I support multiple companies, but would ALSO like to report based on those customers in those companies who are VIPs!

We added some random tags while we were testing. "asdf" is one of them for example. I just automatically assumed I would have the ability to delete them (not just remove them from a ticket). Are we still going to get the ability to actually delete tags so they don't show up as an option?


Something else I thought of, is what happens when someone misspells the tag? Then you've got an irritating and sort of inaccurate tag. At the very best if you add another one and spell it correctly, but then you have to pay attention to which one is the correct spelling.


Also, something else that would be awesome (this may already be possible and I just haven't noticed yet): the ability to filter or search for tickets with certain key words, or by some other criteria and then apply one or more tags to all of the tickets in the results. That could be very helpful in categorizing and classifying tickets when you've been using the system for a while and would like to run a new metric that you didn't think of from the get go, and thus you didn't create the tag that was supposed to have been used all that time.


Otherwise, I'm really enjoying everything else so far. A few very minor bugs. Other than that, the UI is MUCH more polished than many other "enterprise class" ticketing systems that I've seen.


Can you please give an eta on adding tag management as we too added test tags which we how can't remove.

Bump :)

I'd love to start fresh with our tags, we are going to be using them for something different than we originally thought. Any idea when the tag manager will be rolled out?

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Hey Guys, 

Sorry that I have left this thread hanging for quite some time now. 

Leif, it is really good to see such use cases coming in. I really appreciate it and have added these to the requirements list. Our team definitely would love to address all of them.

I know I promised that the tag management will be addressed much much sooner. But, sometimes, we are forced to tackle time constraints and a other features that are higher up in the priority over this, which is really very unfortunate. 

But, I can assure you that we will bring it out as soon as we can. 

Really very sorry about this, guys! 



I'm on a trail of Freshdesk and I love it. It seems to be coded really well, and I love that you have taken something which is pretty complex, and made it really simple feeling and user friendly.

All that being said, I would really like a way to delete tags 🙂 Even if you just made it so unused tags did not appear in the ticket filter sidebar on the left

Go to Admin -> General settings -> Tags to remove/update tags :)

Is Tag management ever going to happen ?

Hello everyone,

Thanks for writing to Freshdesk enquiring about Tag management. This has been rolled out for our customers and here is a quick article walking through how you can use it.

Hope that helps.