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Hi all,

is it possible to integrate Freshdesk with a IM software, like whatsapp?



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Especially when we deal with Chinese clients, WeChat and QQ are very favorable while Email communication is rare. It would be great help if there integration available!

This would be great feature to have, to integrate with WhatsApp. Is it on cards anytime soon? Or Facebook Business Messenger?

Yes Great to have, but what'sapp wechat etc., are mobile based and more used for one to one communication and group. It may be little difficult to add such features, but can think of. 

whatsapp intergration would-be a great future for us! I hope the freshdesk team will be add it soon. For example like Casengo:

Sounds interesting. Let us know the specific use cases. Although Whatapp integration is not on the roadmap at the moment, we are always looking to re-prioritize based on evolving needs.  

I would like to vote for this too.  I'd like it to be a channel for messages to come in, just Like Facebook messages.  What'sApp has a way to display messages on a PC so I;d imagine there must be a way to integrate this.  

Overall, more social channels are needed...  Only Facebook is pretty low number.  CS is all about being social these days, the more "Connectors" the better.

I would massively vote for this too. In Brazil is all about whatsapp. Made most of my sales last 3 months via it. Is starting to get my freshdesk behind :(

Instagram also has a conversation option. Is all about social media. People are getting lazy for email with the time. 

This company has a WhatsApp  /  WeChat to integration, Freshdesk might be next.

Ongair is a web-based dashboard that enables businesses to perform great customer care on WhatsApp and WeChat. It allows your customer service team to quickly handle multiple messages from your customers.

FreshDesk integration coming soon from Ongair

Brazilians want it! Please!

Hi, dear friends,

We are pleased to present you a customer service that helps your business to support your customers through WhatsApp. Our service can be easily integrated with Freshdesk CRM.

In the near future will be implemented customers support through Viber, Telegram and Facebook social media.


Hello, dear Freshdesk team,

We will be very glad in cooperation on profitable terms for you!

skype: onlchat

This would be ideal. It's by far the most common and most used communication method we come across and would be greatly preferred over email for sheer convenience.

I tried to sign up but was unable to understand how it works....  half the links seem to be in russian.  anybody set it up already that can give some tiop?

there are some difficulties in integration with Freshdesk CRM because of WhatsApp’s
tough stance.

we want and we hope that in the near future we will be able to carry out
integration with the best CRM system - Freshdesk.

For now, it
is possible to use separately two services.

In a few days we will
connect Telegram messenger to our service, so you could also communicate with
your customers via Telegram messenger, if you want to.

In January will be
ready absolutely new and better design and it will be 100% in English.

skype: onlchat

In my opinion Casengo is the best solution for Whatsapp, now depends, we need a integration between Freshdesk and Casengo, I use fresh and would like to contract casengo, so we need this!

Hi there, my name is Eduardo de Souza, we just released a full Integration for WhatsApp.
We are a focus in Brazil, so our first release is only available in Portuguese.

I would invite those in Brazil looking for this integration to test our platform.
We offer other types of interaction through WhatsApp.



Hello Guys, I work in a partner company Freshdesk already tested the integration mentioned above by Eduardo, and is working very well, I recommend to everyone.

This would be a LEAP forward! Please keep us informed about any progress.
It's a shame FreshDesk is so slow.


In Brazil Whatsapp in the number one communication plataform, please add it!

Whatsup are now used formally in our business in KSA

hope you enable integration with it

Whatsapp would be a nice argument in favor of upgrading our plan.

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The integration is definitely in our plans but due to non-availability of the public API's, it hasn't seen the light of the day so far. We're working with Whatsapp to see how we can position ourselves as an official partner and I'll keep you posted on any further developments on this regard. 

In case if you'd like to try out an alternative solution, you can try this integration listed on our marketplace.It comes with a 2-week free trial.