Modifying Existing UI

  • 4 October 2018
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Can you please let me know how to modify existing form. I need to add new controls to existing log time form. Please help me

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5 replies


Is this related to building an app in Freshdesk? If not, this forum is not likely to help with an answer. Can you reach out to, who might be able to help you better with Freshdesk customizations?



He is trying to modify the existing “Log Time” functionality by adding to it with an app. For example, he wants to add a checkbox to the Log Time functionality through an app and also expand on the functionality once that checkbox is checked and time logged. Is there a way to do this?

In the old freshdesk it appeared you could do this, for example, with the QuickBooks integration app.

Are there events you can listen for in apps and ways to modify/add to existing functionality in the UI through apps?

Hello Michael,

Thank you for clarifying. At this time, we only have a "time_entry_background" placeholder for apps, that allows you to run in the background of the Log Time modal. We do not yet have a placeholder that will allow you to add a checkbox to the form. We have plans to add this as well, but I am unable to give you a timeline at this time. 

Can you meanwhile share your use-case so we can consider that for reprioritizing this feature?


Any update on this?

Hello Bryan,

We have unfortunately not extended this part of the product yet to accommodate this use-case.

Could you please describe your use-case so we could perhaps try to suggest alternative means of achieving them?