Best practice for asset discovery

  • 7 December 2022
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Hi everyone, 


We’ve been struggling to get the intune integration to work. JamF pretty much said they dont recognise that integration. So we’re stuck wondering how to actively monitor our network to look for devices, which should save time on the guys setting them up manually. 

What are the tools you use to first onboard your asset list, and then what actions or tools you use to keep them all up to date. 

Thank you in advance! 


6 replies

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I’m working on our asset management process at the moment. would be interesting o here everyone else's views.

We manually enter our assets when they arrive into freshserivce. (we do not want to discover the asset when we first use it otherwise it will not show as an asset until it get used, then we cannot define how many we have “in stock”)
We are then going to install the discovery agent to keep the asset details up to date. 
there will still be manual effort on updating items when they get reassigned etc, but will look at how we can automate that at a later stage. This will help us keep track of software installed on the machines too. 






I am looking to deploy the discovery agent using GPO, however we have Multiple locations and  do not wat the script to deploy the agent from SYSVOL share, instead want the script to use a network share. However I am unable to achieve this

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Here’s our approach….

  • Raise a PO to track the procurement process
  • Once the devices are received, add the assets to the inventory from the PO
  • Enrol the devices into Intune and use Intune to deploy the FreshService Discovery Agent app
  • Manually maintain the Asset State and Assignment in the Inventory


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Currently I’m following what Ianp stated above. The one thing I learned about the intune integration however is to not pull in Assignment → Used By field

We found that this pulls in the last logged in user from Intune, not the primary or assigned user.  This became a problem when updates were pushed out and our IT admin was always replacing the Used By since he was the last one that signed into the computer.  We just dont sync that field and assign it manually.

The only PC assets we track are docking station and laptop. We also add a relationship between the docking station and laptop to show what was given to a user.

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question also for the team, Do you have SR or service item for Asset deployment, pull out, owner transfer, disposal etc? how do you manage or track changes in the inventory?

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We track manually.  Meaning other than onboarding and offboarding events where we ship a unit or wait for the return of a unit for break fix stuff.

We usually start with an incident indicating something is broken, collect information, troubleshoot and if it is broken we move the current unit into a status of In Repair, find one that is In Stock and assign it to the user. When the PC depot gets the return in it is either retired if not repairable or moved to in stock once repaired.  All manual as our PC depot is a 3rd party, so we wait for updates from them and type them in. This works for a small business 150 users or less. Anything larger and I would want to try some automation.