Automating AGED tickets

  • 12 August 2021
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I am looking for a way to automatically cleanup aged tickets.

  1. If a ticket is older than 48 hours, and has been responded to, send an email reminder to the requestor asking for followup or the ticket will be closed.
  2. After 48 more hours and no update, mark the ticket resolved

Is there a setting or plug in that will do this?


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3 replies

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Hey @petergroman ,

You can make use of time trigger automations for your use case.

Here’s a sample rule-

For the first case

For the second case

Hope this helps!


Well, your solution looks like it would have worked, Thanks.  But the option “If Hours Since Agent Responded” is not an option in the drop down.  I guess that feature isn’t available on my account?  We’re a non-profit, so we cant really increase the plan…

Thank you!


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The option to use the ‘Hours since custom_status’ condition in Time triggers automation is available only from the Estate/Pro plan in Freshdesk Support Desk @petergroman


Thank you,

Freshworks Community Team