Automation for Trustpilot

Hi, I ask here to see what you think

I saw that there is integration with trustpilot, but I don't want to use it, as it would open a ticket for me.

Instead, I would like, to know if it is plausible, to insert an automation.

At the moment I have an automation, that after a preset time, transforms the ticket from resolved to closed.
As a second action, an email with the customer satisfaction.

I would like to add a third option, where automatically, a ccn field is added that always uses a dedicated email, which is the unique one made available by trustpilot.
so as to leave trustpilot the honor of soliciting the customer to leave a public review.

to date i haven't found any solution, except to do it manually.

will there ever be the possibility to have this functionality?
thank you very much


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