Creating Recurring tickets

  • 13 July 2022
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Hi There


Freshdesk is missing a very basic feature. You are not able to schedule a recurring ticket, for example weekly/monthly/annualy.  In most industries today there are requirments to perform certain repetative actions such as maintenance and preventative maintenance. These are critical tasks and if you forget, it could have serious consequences. We must be able to create a recurring ticket in Freshdesk that will automatically create these task as per the planned schedule.

Please Freshdesk I notice this has been requested before and we really require this functionality to be added.

6 replies

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Hi Rudi,


Greetings from the Freshworks community!


As of now, we do not have the ability to schedule recurring tickets. However, as a workaround, you could make use of any third-party event scheduler like Google Calendar to trigger an email to the support email address whenever an event is due. In that way, you wouldn't miss out on any notifications as they would all come in as new tickets on your portal.

Also, please do check out the "to-do" feature available in Freshdesk to set reminders to complete the task.


That said, we shall move this topic to the ideas section so that our product team has direct visibility. We'll definitely make some noise when this is implemented.






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@Rudi ,  There are a couple ways you could do this with the API.  PowerAutomate is a great choice, but you could also set something up with Powershell and a windows task scheduler.


We are in need of this feature too! 

@Aishvarya  has this feature been developed in freshdesk now ?

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@vishalsharma9090 Hey Vishal, this feature is still a part of our future roadmap.