How can a user that logged in with Facebook or Twitter have tickets?

  • 18 July 2012
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I found that if a user sign in with either Fb or Twitter and then submit a ticket a new user creates for him. To know ticket status and read a reply he should sign out and sign in with another just created account. It seems that Facebook and Twitter users could only post on Forums, but not have tickets. Is it true?

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6 replies

Hi Viktoria,

We are working on Contact Merge, that will solve this problem. We will bring this out in the next few weeks time


When I connected our twitter account, it created bunch of twitter users, which I deleted, but now when I want to add those twitter accounts to my already existing contacts, it says those twitter accounts are already in use. 

As you can imagine, this is very frustrating. Contact merge could solve this issue. What's the status of contact merge? 

Although not an exact ETA - 1 more month.

We are trying to push this out as soon as possible, since this is going to fix a lot of other issues too, like users replying from multiple emails, users having Primary/Sec emails etc.



I'm running into the same issue.  Actually, I'm getting two accounts, one with my email address and another with my Twitter account. We definitely need to be able to associate them.


Everywhere across these forums you are mentioning that the merging of contacts would be coming soon (5 months ago). 

What is the status? We need this very hard.

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It is now possible to merge multiple contacts in Freshdesk. You can get more insights on this feature here :