How do you add a colleague to the freshdesk app in a slack workspace ?

  • 4 September 2021
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as you can see, I am authorised on the freshdesk app in our slack channel. My colleague who took this screenshot is not. Please advise how to authorise him?

 When he adds Freshdesk to his Slack app, he gets this:

(the settings button top right doesn’t do anything)

But when I add it to my slack app, I can see open and pending tickets and reply directly from Slack.

Please advise. Thank you


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9 replies

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Hello @Esther,


For your colleague, is the user email address added in the slack app similar to the agent email address associated in your helpdesk? Both the email addresses used should be the same, kindly check this and let us know if it helps.


Thank you,

Freshworks Community Team


Thanks, I will check.

It’s most unlikely but not impossible.

I had a look at other community posts and I wonder whether the Freshdesk (Legacy) app - which does have my colleague listed as authorized - maybe this has something to do with it.

I will see if I can remove that app from the Slack workspace and see if that does anything.



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Sure, Esther. 

That should not be the case. Do check and let us know if you need any further help! :)



Frehworks Community Team



So if the colleagues are using the same email for Slack and for Freshdesk (which they are), and the fact that they are authorised to use Freshdesk (Legacy) isn’t the cause of the problem, please can you tell me what else I could look at to determine how to authorise them to use the Freshdesk app?


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Thanks for the information, @Esther.

We have raised a ticket for you and one of our support stars would get back to you via the same. 





Nobody got back to me yet.

It would be great if someone could, please.

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Good day, Esther,

We can see that the assigned support agent has got back to you via the ticket and sent multiple follow-ups but looks like there wasn’t any response we received back. Kindly access the above link shared and share the necessary details to help you further. 


Thank you!



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Let us know in case you need any further help, @Esther. :)