Mobile app FreshDesk crashes every time it is started

  • 19 November 2018
  • 7 replies

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Since today, the Freshdesk mobile app for Android crash each time it is started

I have tried to clean the cache, deleted the app data, reinstall the app, reboot the phone : no way to make it start correctly again.

Any idea ? 

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7 replies

This is happening to me as well, but it started yesterday. Everytime I start it, it gives me the error, "Unfortunately, Freshdesk has stopped." I reported the issue through the feedback option. I also cleared cache, some files, turned phone off and on, uninstalled freshdesk and re-installed. Same issue pops up each time. 

Same for me, started today.

I'm experiencing exactly the same issue.

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No more problem after updating to 4.0, dated November, 19th  ...

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I was too optimistic : Yes, I could start the app, and do some ticket filtering.

But problem appears again after 1st ticket editing.

And now, no way to start it again

@Freshdeskstaff : Any comment ?

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Sorry folks. We identified an issue that caused the android app to crash (both the current and the BETA version) and pushed out a build last night (as mentioned by @J Haguet) but it didn't seem to effect the desired result :(

Our developers are on the case and you can expect an update soon!


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We've released a new version of the android app that's so in sync with the Mint interface. Please visit this link to update to your app to the latest version. Please give it a try and let us know how you like it.